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The Center for the Study of Canada publishes a wide variety of Canadian studies scholarly publications appropriate for K–12, college, university, government, business and media audiences. Textbooks, monographs and comprehensive bibliographies are all available.

Publications can be purchased by contacting the center with an order request and accompanying payment. Please note that payment must be in U.S. dollars and can be made by personal or certified check, bank draft or by MasterCard, Visa or Discover.

Should you choose to make payment by credit card, please provide the following information with your order: your credit card number, the expiration date of the card, your name as it appears on the credit card, and your signature. Please note that all prices listed for individual items include ground shipping. For express shipping, please contact the center for current rates.

Download the latest issue of Teaching Canada

Teaching Canada

Teaching Canada is the leading annual Canadian studies outreach publication for the U.S. This innovative magazine format publication, dedicated to a comprehensive review of contemporary Canadian and Canada–U.S. issues, features articles by leading government officials, scholars, teachers and outreach coordinators. Teaching Canada, now in its 24th volume, is an indispensable source for K–12 administrators, faculty and students alike.

Price — $10.00 per copy.

O Canada

O Canada is the premier textbook available for K–12 educators and students in the United States. Now in its 2nd edition, O Canada takes a comprehensive approach to the study of Canada. Chapters focus on a wide range of topics. Richly illustrated, O Canada is written and designed by George Sherman.

Price — $35.00 per copy. Bulk discounts available.

Introducing Canada

This 11 chapter volume, produced in 1997 by the National Council for the Social Studies in association with the National Consortium for Teaching Canada, provides a rich overview of Canada for the K–12 classroom. Contributions include history, politics, geography, culture, and economics. This volume also includes instructional activities, resources and strategies for K–12 educators interested in Canada.

Price — $15.00 per copy

Focus Canada Series

This series, a collection of occasional monographs about Canada, contains the following volumes:

(1) Reflections from the Past: perspectives on Canada and on the Canada–U.S. relationship;

(2) The Canada–U.S. Economic Relationship: global and regional dimensions;

(3) Peter Black, Canada Matters: Chronicles of a Northern Neighbour; and,

(4) Hiroshi Itoh, editor, Canada's Asian Connection.

Price — Volumes 1–4, $7.50 per volume or purchase the set for $20.00.

Women Writing in Quebec

This volume, produced in 2000, focuses on women writing in Québec. Dedicated to the memory of Jeanne Kissner — who served as associate director at our center for nearly twenty years and made pronounced, heartfelt professional and personal contributions to the vitality of Canadian studies — this work contains a wide variety of essays focused on such writers as Anne Hebert, Gabrielle Roy, Nicole Brossard and others.

Special Discounted price — $10.00 per copy. Bulk discounts available.

The Geography of Canada Bibliography Series

This series, authored by acclaimed SUNY Plattsburgh professor Tom Rumney, is the benchmark reference work for all educators interested in the complete scholarship produced on the geography of Canada. Each comprehensive volume is accompanied by maps and resource materials. Six volumes are available for purchase: volume 1 — Quebec; volume 2 — The Prairies; volume 3 — Atlantic Canada; volume 4 — Ontario; volume 5 — British Columbia; and, volume 6 — The North.

Price — Volumes 1–6, $25.00 per volume or purchase the set for $110.00

Canadian Children’s Literature Selected Bibliography

The leading bibliography available on Canadian children's literature, this volume produced by Emily Castine, captures the richness of children's literature written by Canadian authors about Canada and young Canadians. An ideal resource for teachers, students and librarians.

Price — $15.00 per copy.

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If you would like more information about the Center for the Study of Canada at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

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