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The Institute on Québec Studies at the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh was established in February 2004. Plattsburgh State has a longstanding demonstrated commitment to educating local, regional, national and international communities on Québec Studies. The mission statement of the Institute directly reflects this:

"In recognition of the increasing prominence of Québec in New York, New England and the wider North American community, the Institute on Québec Studies at SUNY College at Plattsburgh serves as the gateway institution for the promotion of Québec Studies in the United States. The Institute is committed to the visible development, expansion and dissemination of Québec Studies among academic, business and government constituents."

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Distinguished Quebec Address

Mr. Geoffrey Kelley, Minister for Native Affairs, Government of Quebec, will deliver the Distinguished Quebec Address, "The Importance of 'Vivre Ensemble' (Living Together): Challenges for Quebec and its Neighbors," on Monday, April 10, 2017 beginning at 5:30 pm at the Valcour Inn and Boathouse, SUNY Plattsburgh.  Seating is limited, and registration one week in advance is required.  

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If you would like more information about the Institute on Québec Studies at Plattsburgh State, please contact:

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Director, Institute on Québec Studies
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