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Québec Studies Conferences and Institutes

The Institute regularly convenes timely conferences and colloquiums for faculty and K-12 teachers, curriculum specialists and administrators. In addition, the Institute undertakes and sponsors timely research on Québec-focused public policy issues.

Programs Include:

Student conferences on Québec Studies, for undergraduate and graduate students, from across Canada and the United States dedicated to reviewing a broad range of Québec Studies topics including Québec-U.S. Trade and investment, energy and border security, Québec's communications and cultural policies, and Québec's politics, history and literature.

  • A special join initiative led by the Institute and the Eastern Townships Resource Center, Bishop’s University invited papers from undergraduate/graduate students and faculty from SUNY Plattsburgh, Bishop’s University and all universities in Québec on any and all topics featuring significant Québec content, in English or French. Selected papers were delivered in March 2013 at the “Québec Past and Present: International and Domestic Colloquium on Québec Studies” at Bishop’s University with proceedings to be published as a future issue of the Journal of Eastern Townships Studies.

Week-long intensive seminars for K-12 educators in the United States, focusing on curriculum applicable materials featuring Québec. The Institute, along with the Canadian-American Center at the University of Maine, will convene a week-long Summer Institute for K-12 Professionals, titled, "Québec Dimensions: Historical, Geographic, and Cultural Explorations," from June 23-28, 2013 in Montreal and Quebec City. Learn more about and register for the 2013 Quebec K-12 Summer Institute. (Note: this 497kb PDF file requires the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download.)

Colloquia, which gather together leading scholars, intellectuals, practitioners and government officials, include "The Future of Québec Studies in the United States : Enriching a Vibrant Community," convened at Harvard University. Learn more on this colloquium. (Note: this 382kb PDF file requires the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download.)

Scholarly research initiatives, including the release of edited conference/colloquium proceedings, occasional papers, and book-length treatments on Québec Studies.

  • The Institute in collaboration with the Québec Studies Programme at McGill University has convened two biennial colloquia exclusively for emerging scholars of Québec Studies – namely doctoral candidates and assistant professors. In collaboration with the American Council for Québec Studies, a special issue of the journal Québec Studies: New Voices on Québec was published in Fall 2012 as a result of the first colloquium for new scholars.  The second colloquium in this series was held in November 2012 coinciding with the American Council for Québec Studies Conference in Sarasota, Florida.  As with the first colloquium, this forum featured new/emerging scholars working on Québec and will also result in a thematic journal issue of Québec Studies.

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If you would like more information about the Institute on Québec Studies at Plattsburgh State, please contact:

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