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Québec Studies Associations

American Council for Québec Studies (ACQS)

The ACQS is the national scholarly association in the United States for individuals interested in the study of Québec. The ACQS hosts a biennial conference and publishes the journal Québec Studies.

International Association of Québec Studies (AIEQ)

The AIEQ is responsible for the promotion and development of Québec Studies in Canada and throughout the international community. The Association works to foster an international network of research on Québec through a variety of programming efforts.

  • For more information on the AIEQ, which is headquartered in Québec City, please see

Québec in the World

Ministère des Relations internationales (MRI)

The ministère des Relations internationales conducts the Government of Québec's involvement with the international community, with a view to promoting and defending Québec's interests and values. The MRI is represented by the Québec Government House in New York City and offices/bureaus in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and Washington.

  • To examine the profiles and services offered by these offices in the U.S., please see
  • For further information on the MRI and to review the full range of the MRI's international activities, please see their comprehensive site at

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