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Québec Summer Seminar

Dates:    Monday, August 6 through Friday, August 10, 2012 
The program begins at 9:00 am on Monday and ends Friday mid-afternoon.

Location:    Montréal and Québec City, Québec 


Open Invitation for: 

Academics interested in Québec Studies and Canadian Studies.  Those interested in enhancing Québec content in their course offerings and/or research are particularly encouraged to register in our program.


The Québec Summer Seminar (QSS) is the flagship program in the United States for professors of Québec Studies seeking a deeper appreciation of contemporary Québec. The QSS, a multi-day experience convened in the province of Québec, is purposely designed to offer participants a holistic approach to the study of Québec that incorporates historical, cultural, social, economic, commercial and political perspectives. 

Since 1978, the QSS continues to significantly contribute to the growth of Québec Studies across the United States and the world by providing a robust multidisciplinary professional development opportunity for academics.  Hundreds of academics have participated in our program.


The QSS is conducted in English.


The QSS is an intimate gathering for professional development which includes:

  - Comprehensive review of contemporary multidisciplinary scholarship on Québec;
  - Meetings with leading Québec academic specialists and government officials;
   - Cultural activities relevant to our program theme.

To gain a sense of the content and pace of the QSS, please download and review a past program (606KB PDF file).


Presentations and networking with a variety of leading Québec academics and government officials will be provided as part of this unique opportunity.  Speakers are from a variety of prestigious universities in Québec and present on diverse research areas predominantly within the social sciences with representation also from the humanities. 


Registration is now closed.


Transportation to and from Montréal is not included in the registration rate and is the responsibility of each participant.  


“A model professional development program;”  “I loved every minute of it;”
“Will help me improve the effectiveness of my teaching about Canadian topics;” “Excellent presentation of resources for Québec Studies;”
”Expanded my awareness of Québec’s role within Canada & on the international stage;”
“Fantastic overview of Québec’s political, social and economic developments;”
“An enriching academic and cultural experience. Speakers of high caliber and visits/tours were well chosen to round out the seminar program;”
“Absolutely wonderful experience – great organization and excellent program.”

More Information:

All inquires should be directed to: Amy Sotherden, phone: (518) 564-2385, E-mail: [email protected]

We look forward to your participation!