Note: these forms require the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download.

Professional Development

Academic Employee Performance Evaluation Forms

Sabbatical Leaves

Distinguished Professorship & Librarianship

Reporting Suspected Academic Dishonesty

Faculty Report of Suspected Academic Dishonesty

This form is to be completed in all instances when a student is suspected of academic dishonesty. Alleged violations of Plattsburgh’s student academic honesty policy, including allegations of cheating and plagiarism, will be referred to the College Judicial System for documentation and/or adjudication.

  • Visit the portal to submit a Faculty Report of Suspected Academic Dishonesty Transmittal Form. (Log in required, the form is in the faculty tab.)

Policies & Procedures

Faculty Release-Time

Absence from Class & Coverage

Cross-Department Course Assignments

Organizational Unit Changes

Prior Service Credit

Program Development

To make a proposal for a new program, please download the these forms:

Course Opinion Surveys

How to Activate and Administer WEB COS

Web COS: Self-activation:

Prior to COS administration online, faculty must activate the survey accordingly:

  • Log in to Banner Web via MyPlattsburgh Portal
  • Select Faculty, Staff & Advisor Menu
  • Term Selection = e.g., Fall 20XX - Submit
  • Select Course Opinion Surveys (COS) (at the bottom of the menu)
  • Click each course in which web COS will be administered, and submit

Web COS Administration Guidelines, Monitoring Survey Completion, Retrieving Results:

  1. Web COS is not available after the last day of the semester. Faculty may opt to have students complete the COS independently or set aside class time to complete COS as a group.
  2. Faculty having students complete COS independently should monitor survey completion rates (noted on the COS web page) and frequently remind their class to complete the survey. This will help to assure ample response rates.
  3. Faculty having students complete COS as a group may need to reserve a computer classroom. Please contact Mrs. Carol Bleaux, ext. 2434 for lab availability and room usage instructions. Faculty may not be present in the classroom during COS administration. A designated, responsible individual (e.g., student, secretary, etc.) should be present until all surveys are completed. Following survey administration, secure the classroom accordingly.
  4. To maintain respondents’ anonymity, students should not be asked to provide any type of verification of survey completion, e.g., a copy of the final page of the survey, etc.
    • Give Students the Following Instructions to Access Web COS:
      • Log in to MyPlattsburgh
      • Under “Academic Announcements” — Click on the COS link;
      • Click specific course, e.g., ENG 101 X Composition — J. Smith
      • Respond to questions, click: Complete Survey, and log out.
  5. Results: web COS results are available after all final grades are processed through the Registrar’s Office (~seven days after the end of the semester). At that time, follow same directions to activate COS noted above; Click the underlined course title to retrieve results; prior semester’s results are also available, upon initial sign on, simply select the desired term for which COS results are needed.

Course Opinion Survey (COS) Paper Form

In an effort to establish normative data for the COS, the use of the Web version is preferred. However, if you opt to use COS in paper form, please consult with your department chair and/or your respective dean.

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