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After wide consultation, SUNY Plattsburgh is initiating a new process for linking planning, resources, and assessment. A Planning, Budget, Assessment Committee (PBAC) is being established with the following mission:

“To evaluate proposals across the institution, that require the investment of resources beyond the means of the unit, department, school or division, and to make recommendations to the President’s cabinet as to the merit for their financial support.”

Proposals for such resources include new academic programs, equipment, IT, software, new services, renovations, and the like. Only those proposals that require resources that the proposer’s unit, department, school, or division cannot fund, need apply to PBAC. All other requests should go through their current, standard approval processes.

The establishment of the PBAC Committee will allow for a more deliberative, fairer, transparent and comparative process for prioritizing proposals that benefit the college community. The hope is that a regular cyclical review process will also encourage the development of innovative proposals that can serve as a reserve of ideas, as relevant funding opportunities arise. It is also meant to create efficiencies, while saving the time and effort of proposers, by assuring a speedy response to request for resources.

The Committee is comprised of representatives from the Faculty Senate’s Executive Board, Resources and Planning Committee, Course and Program Committee, the divisions of Business Affairs, Institutional Advancement, Student Affairs, and LITS. The Provost will serve as a non-voting chair and liaison to the President’s Cabinet.

The process is outlined in the flow chart below. Briefly stated, proposals for resources are routed to the PBAC on a quarterly, cyclical basis. After evaluation, proposals are rated by the Committee and sent to the President’s Cabinet as highly recommended, recommended, or held in reserve for further consideration. The PBAC Committee may route some proposals that are more technical or require special expertise through relevant units or experts on campus for their opinion on the technical merit of the proposal. For example, IT or software proposals may be routed through the LITS project management process that is currently in place. The President’s Cabinet will review the proposals based on PBAC’s ratings and the availability of resources or funding opportunities. Notices of decisions are then sent to proposers and, if successful, the proposers can go through the usual approval processes for their type of proposal with the resource backing in place. For example, proposals for new academic programs would go through all the usual governance processes.

The Request for Proposals will be made on a quarterly basis (with the exception of this fiscal year, 2015-16), with deadlines for submission in September, November, January and April.


The deadline for submissions is on a quarterly basis:

  • First Monday in September
  • First Monday in November
  • First Monday in February
  • First Monday in April

To make a proposal, please download the these forms:

The forms are intended to be succinct and to capture the essentials of the proposal to evaluate its merit for financial support.

Please note that all proposals must have the endorsement of their unit head or chair, dean or appropriate supervisor, with signatures as indicated on the forms.

The two forms use four criteria that were developed by a select, representative committee in the fall 2014. These are: mission alignment, need/demand, quality, and cost-effectiveness. The narrative form asks for a brief description of the project. Guidelines for the Narrative and Cost-effectiveness forms explain each step in detail.

Proposal Process Flow Chart

If you are unable to view the chart, please contact the Provost's Office at (518) 564-5402 or via email at for assistance

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