Budgeting Office


Budget Office at SUNY Plattsburgh

The Budget Office is charged with developing and updating SUNY Plattsburgh's State Core Operating, Dormitory Income Fund Reimbursable and General Income Fund Reimbursable budgets, consistent with our campus budget process.

In addition, our office reviews and recommends changes to our campus budget process; provides efficient and effective managerial information, provides guidance and review concerning the use of resources, grants approval for allocation transfers and reviews all employee recruitment documents for funding.

The office also monitors our campus's financial standing on an ongoing basis and provides assistance to account managers in the review of their account activity and development of their budget requests.

Contact Information

Magen Renadette
Budget Officer
Office: 909 Kehoe
Phone: (518) 564-3246
Fax: (518) 564-4600
Email: [email protected]

Sherri LaValley
Senior Staff Accountant
Office: 909A Kehoe
Phone: (518) 564-2228
Fax: (518) 564-4600
Email: [email protected]