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How To Become Authorized

How To Become An Authorized Investigator To Procure/Purchase Radiation

Faculty who need to procure radiation sources for research and/or teaching purposes must be formally approved by the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC). Approval will be granted if the applicant has had previous on-the-job experience handling radionuclides of a similar nature and quantity. Applicants who are deficient in experience must work under an authorized investigator's approval for at least 6 months.

Radiation Safety Officer's (RSO) provisional approval and RSC's final approval of authorization allows the investigator to procure and store a maximum quantity (called the "possession limit") of a specific radionuclide. The authorization may later be amended to increase the possession limit or to use other radionuclides.

How To Become Authorized To Handle Radiation

All persons who handle radiation for research or teaching purposes must meet the requirements set by the RSC. The requirements also apply to temporary employees such as work-study students and visiting scientists.

Unsealed radiation Sources

Persons seeking approval to handle unsealed radiation sources must complete a written multiple choice examination based on the contents of this Handbook.

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