Radiation Safety

Environment, Health, & Safety


Responsibilities Of Authorized Investigators

Authorized investigators are responsible for the following:

  • Assume ultimate responsibility for radiation safety in the laboratories under his/her authorization.
  • Correct violations, which occur in laboratories, used under his/her authorization. Failure to correct violations may lead to suspension of radiation handling privileges.
  • Train all persons using radiation under his/her authorization to follow radiation safety procedures and regulations listed in this Handbook.
  • Conduct, or designate an approved radiation handler to conduct, weekly tests for contamination resulting from the use of unsealed radiation sources.
  • Provide funds for radioactive waste disposal, film badges for lab personnel, and appropriate radiation detectors (including their annual calibration and maintenance).
  • Provide for the disposal of all radioactive waste before termination of employment at SUNY Plattsburgh.
  • Review radiation exposure reports received from the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), and inform each person of his/her personal exposure.
  • Use only radionuclides and radiation sources for which approval id given by the RSO and Radiation Safety Committee (RSC).
  • Ensure that all laboratory personnel are approved by the RSO before handling radiation.
  • Notify the RSO before using new laboratory space for radiation handling, or when laboratory space is no longer used for radiation handling.
  • Notify the RSO prior to transferring radiation sources to other laboratories on or off campus.
  • Ensure that pregnant radiation workers meet with RSO personnel to review safety procedures.

Contact Information

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