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SUNY Plattsburgh Campus Recycling Program

Guidelines for Recycling

What Can Be Recycled How to Prepare Not Acceptable
Glass Clear, Brown, Green Rinse thoroughly, Remove caps and lids. Labels are OK NO Light bulbs, Window or Car Glass, Mirrors, Pyrex, Ceramics or China, Laboratory Glass or Glass Tableware
NO glass other than food or beverage bottles is acceptable
Paper Paper, Newspaper, Catalogs and Inserts Must be clean and loose - DO NOT tie or place in plastic bags NO Telephone Books, Wet or Soiled Materials / Books, Wrapping Paper, Hardcover Books, Glossy Magazines, Envelopes with Cellophane, Junk Mail, Grocery Bags or anything with heavy duty staples.
Cans Tin and Aluminum Rinse thoroughly, may be flattened, no ends unless still attached and folded inside can. Labels are OK NO Paint, Pesticide or Aerosol Cans, Scrap Metal, Screw Caps, Propane Cylinders, Batteries, Silverware, Combined Paperboard / Metal Containers, Foil or Pie Plates
Plastic #2 HDPE and #1 PETE clear only. Milk, Cider, Water, Detergent and Bleach Remove lids, caps and tops. Must be cleaned. Labels are OK NO Plastic without appropriate HDPE and PETE symbols on base of containers
NO Motor Oil Containers, Yogurt or Cottage Cheese Containers, Six Pack Rings, Five Gallon Poly Buckets, Toys, Plastic Bags or Medicine Bottles
NO Containers with tops as wide or wider than the base of the container
Cardboard Corrugated ONLY Must be clean, loose, dry and flattened NO Wax or Plastic Coated Cardboard, Pizza Boxes, Food Boxes, Milk or Juice Cartons, Egg Cartons, Cereal or Pasta Boxes

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Contact Information

Cathleen Eldridge, Director
Phone: 564-5009
Fax: 564-5082
Email: [email protected]

Location and Hours:
136A Service Building
Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm