Right To Know Policy

Environment, Health, & Safety


Right to Know Policy

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Part A

The Environment, Health, & Safety Office will maintain an MSDS library on every chemical in use at SUNY Plattsburgh in the Environment, Health, & Safety Office in Beaumont Hall.

MSDS's are readily available to all employees on campus. SUNY Plattsburgh subscribes to the ChemWatch software package allowing MSDS's to be readily available online on the Plattsburgh State website.

Part B

MSDS Composition - The material safety data sheets should contain all sections and information as stipulated in 29 CFR 1010.1200 g. These include:

  • Chemical identity
  • Hazardous ingredients information
  • Physical and chemical characteristics
  • Physical hazards
  • Reactivity
  • Health hazards
  • Precautions for safe handling and use
  • Control measures

If certain characteristics of a chemical are unknown then the MSDS should state so.

Part C

Obtaining an MSDS - Individual requests for information:

  • Employees may obtain MSDS's from the Environment, Health, & Safety Office
  • Supervisors shall supply the correct name of the chemical material to the employee or assist in any way possible the employee's inquiries
  • The Environment, Health, & Safety Office will make sure an MSDS is requested and received for any chemical on hand and purchased in the future
  • The Environment, Health, & Safety Office will provide training for employees on the use of the ChemWatch software

Part D

MSDS's for Chemicals Synthesized on Campus:

  • Sheets describing chemicals synthesized on campus should be sent to the Environment, Health, & Safety Office by the supervisor or the individual performing the synthesis.
  • Known chemical/physical/health related characteristics of the chemicals should be noted on the prepared sheet by the supervisor.

Contact Information

Cathleen Eldridge, Associate Director
Office: Sibley Hall 421
Phone: (518) 564-5009
Fax: (518) 564-5082
Email: eldridcm@plattsburgh.edu