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Campus Mail Center Services

Pick-up and Deliveries

Delivery and collection schedules for approximately 90 offices are established by the Campus Mail Center based on building locations, mail volume, vehicle patterns, and the U.S. Post Office schedules.

The entire campus has mail pick-up/delivery services from 10:00am -12:00pm, and a few high volume customers receive another service after 1:00pm.

There is a 3:00pm pick-up at the 1st floor Kehoe Building gray mailbox, at the rear of the building.

Services after a holiday, due to a larger mail volume, is in the morning only, and at the 3:00pm Kehoe Building gray mailbox.

Priority of Work

It is our goal to have all the mail sorted and delivered daily, and all mail requiring shipping and metering out of our facility at the close of business. Sometimes, we need to prioritize our work and the following priority list dictates our workload most of the time:

  • USPS First Class Mail sorted and metered
  • Express mail: Federal Express, DHL delivered and shipped
  • Standard Mail (bulk mail)

Student mail is processed at the Student Mail Center

Campus Mail Center Contact Information

Kim Gillette or Kara Goff
Office: Sanborn Avenue, Service Building
Phone: (518) 564- 2057