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Connecting To The Print Shop

This process eliminates the need for hardcopy (originals), resulting in quicker cleaner and higher quality end products. Interoffice mail or hand deliveries are no longer needed. Call for simple and quick instructions on how to accomplish this. You can also follow the step by step instructions below to connect on your own. Just call for a pass word when prompted to.

"How To" Instructions For Connecting To The Print Shop:

  1. Double click on Network Neighborhood on the Desktop
  2. Double click on Entire Network
  3. Find and double click on "Printing & Dup"
  4. Double click on P&D
  5. Double click on "Dave's Drop" to send files (saved jobs off your computer) that you want us to print or duplicate
  6. Follow on screen instructions
  7. Call for a password

Contact Information

Michael Currier
Office: 150 Sanborn Avenue
Phone: (518) 564-3110
Fax: (518) 564-3111
[email protected]