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Book Advance

SUNY Plattsburgh wants students to have a means to purchase books and supplies for classes prior to the start of each semester. At Plattsburgh, all students can add up to $500 in Cardinal Cash that can be used at the College Store. Payment is not necessary at the time of the request. Students can make this request at any time during a semester, not just prior to the start of a semester.

To do this, a student should contact Student Accounts by phone (518-564-3120) or email from their Plattsburgh e-mail address ( Student Accounts will add a Cardinal Cash charge to the account in the amount of the request, but for no more than $500 per semester if there is an account balance. This charge will increase the balance due on the account or reduce any future refund.

For example, suppose it is two weeks before the start of a semester and a student still owes $750. This student can add $500 in Cardinal Cash which will increase his/her account balance to $1,250 ($750 original balance + $500 in Cardinal Cash). This balance will have to be paid by the due date in the next monthly invoice, normally the 20th of each month.

Book Advance and Pell Grants

There are federal regulations regarding Pell grants and book advances. Federal regulations require the college to provide Pell recipients who are scheduled to receive a refund with a method to purchase their books before the start of a semester.

Most Pell recipients with a scheduled refund, and other students as well, receive a refund before the start of a semester. However, there are certain circumstances that may prevent a Pell recipient with a scheduled refund from receiving it before the semester starts. In these situations, federal regulations require the college to automatically add $500 in Cardinal Cash to the Pell recipients account for the purpose of purchasing books. These students may "opt-out" and reverse the $500 in Cardinal Cash by contacting Financial Aid or Student Accounts.

The Financial Aid Office emails all students who fall under this regulation and are required to have a $500 book advance. The email includes instructions to "opt-out".

Contact Information

For more information about Financial Aid at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Financial Aid Office
Location: Kehoe Administration Building, Suite 401-410
Phone: (518) 564-2072
Toll-Free Phone: (877) 768-5976
Fax: (518)564-4079

Our mailing address:

Financial Aid Office
SUNY Plattsburgh
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