Human Resources FAQ


Questions About Employee Leave and Attendance Records

Can I charge my sick leave for a death in the immediate family?

Employees may charge up to 15 days of family sick leave per calendar year (30 days for UUP-represented employees).

I’m a full-time faculty member who teaches on MWF and I was sick for two consecutive weeks.  How should I charge my time?

Charge ten (10) days to your sick leave accruals on your monthly time record and forward medical documentation to Human Resource Services.

I have to report for jury duty, what do I need to do?

Advise your supervisor and obtain a signed certificate of attendance from the court clerk.  Provide a copy to your supervisor upon your return and attach a copy to your time sheet.  Do not charge leave accruals.  Since the State grants excused time, you cannot accept payment for Jury Duty unless it is for mileage only.

I’m going on maternity or sick leave, do I need to complete any forms?

Yes, you must provide Human Resource Services with medical documentation as soon as possible and notify your supervisor.  Contact Human Resource Services for more information.

I know someone who is going to be on medical leave and does not have enough accruals. Can I donate accruals?

If the person is employed at a state agency and is eligible to receive donated credits, you may donate vacation accruals as long as you retain at least ten (10) days.  You can download a Leave Donation Form, or go to the Human Resource Services office to obtain one.

If I am approved to take a day off and then get sick, may I charge my absence to sick leave?

No.  Sick leave can only be charged for absences on days that you are both scheduled and available to work.  If you get sick on a weekend, you don’t get two days off the following week.

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