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Questions About Payroll

What is meant by “lag” payroll and when will I receive my first paycheck?

All State employees are paid on a biweekly lag basis. This means that you are paid for a two week pay period (beginning on a Thursday through the second Wednesday) two weeks after the conclusion of that pay period (exception: hourly employees are paid three weeks after conclusion of a pay period). Therefore, it may take up to four weeks from your date of hire to receive your first check. You will also continue to receive checks after you separate from service until the lag is paid out. In addition, there is a five-day salary deferral (for those individuals in positions represented by CSEA or PEF, or M/C employees). This means that one day’s pay is deducted from each of the first five paychecks, but will be returned to the employee upon separation from service. Contact the Payroll office at (518) 564-3113 for more information.

When I divide my annual salary by 26 paychecks, the number I get doesn’t equal my gross pay.  Why not?

When an employee's "annual" salary is paid over a full year (CAL or CYF payroll mode for Faculty and Professional Employees with Academic Year or College Year obligations, respectively; ANN for Calendar Year obligations), the salary is based on 365 days (normal year) and 366 days (leap year). Since each pay period covers 14 days, and 26 x 14 equals only 364, it would always take a 27th check for you to have received your full annual salary (1 day more than 26 pay periods in a normal year and 2 days more than 26 pay periods in a leap year). Therefore, the correct way to figure your biweekly gross pay is to multiply your annual salary by 0.038356 (which is 14 days times 1/365) or by 0.038251 (which is 14 days times 1/366) in a Leap Year.

What deductions can I expect to come out of my paycheck?

Mandatory: Federal and State taxes (as applicable); Social Security (6.2% of salary); Medicare (1.45% of salary); Retirement – for full-time employees (3% of salary); Union dues or agency shop fees if position is represented by CSEA, UUP, PEF, Council 82, NYSCOPBA or GSEU (membership not mandatory); Garnishments if applicable.  Optional: Health Insurance, Tax Deferred Savings Plan, Flex Spending Account, NYS College Savings Plan, Savings Bonds, United Way SEFA campaign, Retirement for part-time employees, Personal insurance through Union, M/C parking.

How do I change the amount of taxes being withheld from my paycheck?

You can make changes to your tax withholdings through NYS Payroll Online.  Go to and log-in with your SUNY Plattsburgh ID and password.  For additional instructions, click here: NYS Payroll Online Instructions.  If you prefer to complete a paper version, the W-4 is used to change the amount of your federal withholding and can be found here: W4 Fill-in (PDF) and form IT-2104 is used to change your New York State withholding and can be found here: IT-2104 Fill-in (PDF).  Forms should be submitted to Payroll, Kehoe 904.

How do I enroll for Direct Deposit?

Direct deposit is a safe and convenient way to manage your biweekly paycheck. Your money will be securely transferred into the checking or savings account of your choice each payday, saving you the trouble of keeping track of a paper check and a trip to the bank. You may select to direct your pay into up to eight (8) different accounts. If you are interested in taking advantage of the safety and convenience of direct deposit, please contact the Payroll Office at 564-3113 or print the State Direct Deposit form (PDF) and mail it to Payroll along with a voided check or blank deposit slip. Direct deposit may take several paychecks to take effect, so please plan accordingly.

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