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How to fill out a Research Foundation Purchase Order/Payment Voucher Form

A Purchase Requisition/Payment Voucher must be generated in order to expend Monies from your grant to purchase supplies and most services. The requisition must be completed and signed by the Project Director before funds can be expended from your grant.

Complete the Purchase Requisition/Payment Voucher as follows:

  1. Your mailing address:

    Example: Technical Assistance Center
    Plattsurgh State University
    Plattsurgh, NY 12901

  2. The Vendor's Mailing address:

    Example: Staples
    77 Consumer Square, Rte. 3
    Plattsurgh, NY 12901

  3. Your account number:

    Location code: ALWAYS are the numbers "329"
    Grant No.: Is your 4 digit, 1 letter account number
    Budget Category: Refer to the budget for your account or leave blank and Research Foundation purchasing staff will complete.

  4. Purchase Order Number:

    Please do not fill in, our computer system will generate an assigned number for you.

  5. Date:

    Enter the current date. The date of the purchase requisition as well as the date of the invoice MUST be within the award dates of the grant to be charged.

  6. Ship To:

    Enter the address where you want merchandise shipped to
    Example: Technical Assistance Center
    Plattsburgh State University
    Plattsburgh, NY 12901

  7. Internal Delivery Point:

    Name - Wayne Glass Location - Redcay Hall 213

  8. Description:

    Please include a complete description of the item(s) to be purchased, including catalog number, quantity, price per unit, total price, etc. is required.

  9. Total:

    Total amount to be encumbered or paid to the Vendor

  10. Approved Signature:

    Please do not fill out, this is for Sponsored Research staff

  11. Project Director's Signature:

    No purchase requisition/payment voucher will be processed unless signed by the project director of his designee. NOTE: a written statement from the project director must be on the file in the Research Foundation before an other signature will be accepted.