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Research Foundation Insurance Guidelines

The Research Foundation maintains certain insurance policies, which provide coverage for all sponsored activities. Other coverage must be specifically requested on a project-by-project basis. It should be noted that none of the coverage's listed in this section are substitute for an individual's own insurance coverage.

Coverage Maintained for All Projects

  1. Worker's Compensation Insurance
  2. New York State Disability Insurance
  3. General Liability Insurance (except coverage for underground excavation and explosive hazards)
  4. Non-owned Automobile Liability
  5. Honesty Bond Coverage
  6. Professional Liability Insurance
  7. Defense Base Act Insurance

****There is no individual charge to a project for these coverages****

Insurance Obtained upon Specific Request

The Research Foundation will purchase the following special coverage on a project-by-project basis when requested to do so. The cost of this coverage will be a direct charge to the project.

  1. Automobile liability, comprehensive and collision (owned or leased)
  2. Non-owned aircraft liability
  3. Marine insurance
  4. Property theft, fire and vandalism
  5. Other requested coverage (including special property coverage, owner's and contractor's protective liability)

When the cost will be borne by a sponsored program, the coverage must be consistent with sponsor rules. The Research Foundation does not obtain property insurance unless specifically requested to do so and unless resources are available from the sponsored program office at the campus to pay the required premiums.

Automobile Liability Insurance

The individual owner of an automobile is responsible for providing certain minimum insurance coverage for that vehicle. The mileage allowance for use of personal vehicles is intended to include that cost. The Research Foundation carries non-owned automobile liability coverage to protect the Research Foundation against losses, which result from accidents involving motor vehicles.

Professional Liability Insurance

The Research Foundation's professional liability insurance protects Research Foundation employees while acting in the scope of their employment and while acting under the supervision of Project Directors. This insurance is excess indemnity only and provides coverage over and above the employee's own liability coverage.

Project Directors who are not Research Foundation employees, but who are supervising Research Foundation administered projects, are similarly covered while acting in their capacity as Project Directors. Again, this coverage is in excess of the Project Director's own insurance.

Insurance Claim Reporting Requirements

All project-related accidents must be reported promptly to the Campus Research Office and to the Research Foundation's Office of Legal Affairs in Albany. All injuries on the job, no matter how slight they may seem, must be reported and Worker's Compensation insurance forms must be completed and filed promptly. In the event of serious injury, the supervisor should record in writing is or her recollection of the occurrence and the names of witnesses to the accident.

Incidents involving professional liability or special coverage, such as the theft of insured property, must similarly be reported.

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