Algonquin Dining Hall

The first of the three main dining facilities, Al's (as we students call it) features a full salad bar, a line of daily specials, a pasta line, a cereal and bread area, and ice cream and other desserts. The best thing is, as long as you stay in the building, you can eat as much as you want!

Algonquin dining hall is becoming a green focal point on campus that features all organic fresh produce and a full time vegetarian/vegan chef. To continue improving Algonquin's agricultural sustainability, we are also working with local farms to supply fresher, healthier food for students.


  • Monday - Friday:11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Closed Saturday & Sunday

Learn More

  • Food and Dining Services at SUNY Plattsburgh
  • Dining hall menus & specials
  • Phone: (518) 564-2035