Myers Fine Arts Building

For those interested in studying the Arts, Myers is the building for you! Home to SUNY Plattsburgh's Art, Music, and Theatre programs, Myers features a number of art studios, practice rooms, recital halls, and even the central theatre on campus.

Also worth visiting are the Art Galleries and exhibitions, which include not only work by professional artists but also those created by SUNY Plattsburgh faculty and students.

Finally, before leaving Myers, be sure to visit the Nina Winkel Sculpture Gallery, which is the second-largest gallery in North American dedicated to the art of one woman.


  • Art Program
  • Music Program
  • Theatre Program

Resources and Facilities

  • Burke Gallery
  • Hartman Theatre
  • MIDI Lab and Audio Technology
  • Myers Lobby Gallery
  • Plattsburgh State Art Museum
  • Regina Slatkin Study Room