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About the Center for Community Engagement

SUNY Plattsburgh has a long history of civic engagement. For 125 years the college has been central to the civic life of Northeastern New York. It has formed the backbone of the region’s cultural activities, helped shape the character of its many human services, and exerted a dynamic influence on its economic vitality. Building on this history, the college has made commitment to civic responsibility an institutional priority.

In the mid-1990s, when the college developed its first strategic plan, we identified civic responsibility as one of the college’s historic strengths and as a defining characteristic of the campus culture. In 1998, the college established an Institute for Ethics in Public Life. The mission of the institute is to provide residential fellowships to our own faculty to prepare them to make issues of ethics and civic life central dimensions of their teaching and curricula. Since that time over 75 faculty members from 28 departments have served as fellows at the Institute.

Over the years, the college has increased its focus on student volunteerism and developed programmatic structures to help guide student activities in this area. The Center for Student Involvement has facilitated the volunteer efforts of countless students.

In 2005, the college established The Center for Teaching Excellence. The center has an intensive focus on civic engagement as a key element of effective teaching, exemplified in its journal The Common Good. Faculty evaluation is based on a strong balance between good teaching, scholarship, and service. Our definition of service explicitly encourages faculty to use their professional capabilities in community engagement.

In 2013, the college created the Center for Public Service to coordinate the civic engagement efforts of the various centers along with our Partnership for Economic and Cultural Development.

In September 2016, the college named Julia Devine the first coordinator of the Center for Public Service. In November 2016, the center was renamed the Center for Community Engagement to place community engagement at the forefront of this institution.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about the Center for Community Engagement or are interested in collaborating, please contact:

Julia Devine, Coordinator of the Center for Community Engagement
Office: Hawkins Hall 233A
Phone: (518) 564-3022
Cell: (310) 367-4199
Email: [email protected]