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CTE Explorations in Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence invites faculty to submit an audio narrative about your teaching

The vision of this digital narrative project is to publically recognize excellence in instruction on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus and affirm teaching as the artful integration of intuition, persona, and technique. The CTE website will house this project, and you are encouraged to visit the site to hear your colleagues talk about teaching in a way that reaffirms the uniqueness of the Plattsburgh teaching experience. Your insights on teaching could illuminate connections across the disciplines, promote collaborative discussion, support integrative thinking, and inspire our teaching community.

To participate, you can either attach a file to an e-mail to Becky, or make an appointment to record your piece in the Instructional Technology Resource Center in Feinberg Library. All files should not exceed 5 minutes. Topics can include personal teaching experiences, pedagogies, or techniques – this is your project!

Questions about the project and submissions should be directed to Becky Kasper, Director of CTE.

Plattsburgh Faculty Speak

Del Hart, Computer Science - How Teachers Are Like Santa Claus 

Del Hart teaches a variety of computer science courses including computer security, systems, and software engineering courses.  His current research interests are in computer science education, computer security, and information visualization.

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For more information about the Center for Teaching Excellence, please contact:

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