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Student Committee on Teaching Excellence (SCTE)

The Student Committee on Teaching Excellence (SCTE) is a special advisory committee to the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE). It is made up entirely of students across all disciplines at SUNY Plattsburgh who are dedicated to working collaboratively with faculty to support great teaching at the College.

What the SCTE means for faculty

Teaching and learning are collaborative activities. We don't simply teach content; we teach people. The SCTE gives all who teach at SUNY Plattsburgh another way to know the people in our classrooms by helping us to understand and appreciate the diverse needs, concerns, perspectives, interests, and goals of students. The Committee enables students to understand and appreciate commonalities and differences in teaching and learning across a variety of disciplines and contexts. And it gives them a forum for meaningful input into the culture of teaching and learning at SUNY Plattsburgh, and therefore can be a tremendous asset for a college that prioritizes teaching and learning

The Committee is currently charged with a variety of programs:

  • The development and implementation of a student-sponsored Teaching Excellence Award
  • Contribution to publications on teaching and learning in the College (Read the latest issue of the SCTE Newsletter)
  • Providing a plenary presentation at the annual CTE Conference on Teaching and Learning (October 2017)
  • Leading student faculty forums, and student outreach for education on how to be a responsible and active learner

The SCTE for 2016-17

We invite (and need) a variety of voices from all disciplines. If you know students who show an interest in pedagogy, who might offer a unique perspective on teaching and learning at the College, or who take seriously the collaborative nature of teaching and learning, please encourage them to apply for this Committee. They do not need an official letter of recommendation, and there are no restrictions regarding class year, major, status (full or part-time), or anything else. (Students should anticipate working approximately two hours per week, on average.) Whether they are ready to commit to the position or have questions, please send them to this page, and direct them to email Becky directly. 

Becky Kasper, Ph.D.
Director - Center for Teaching Excellence
301 Feinberg Library
Phone: (518) 564-3043

Contact Information

For general inquiries about the Center for Teaching Excellence, please contact:

The Center for Teaching Excellence
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