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As stipulated in Faculty Senate Action #501 (approved by the president in April 2002), students whose native language is not English and who score within the eligibility range on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam or the SAT Verbal are entitled to extended time testing accommodations (no more than double the allotted classroom time) and supplemental notes for a limited number of semesters.

Both international and domestic students who meet the stated criteria are eligible. These accommodations are administered by the Claude J. Clark Learning Center. Non-native speakers of English requesting extended time testing and/or supplemental notes should be referred to the Learning Center where their eligibility will be verified.

Note that supplemental notes provide an additional resource for students who may have difficulty taking comprehensive notes during class due to the language barrier. It is expected that students will attend class regularly and take their own notes. Students who are eligible for supplemental notes are referred to Student Support Services (SSS).

If SSS has already received a request for notes in that particular course, students are given a copy of the notes. If SSS has not received a request, the Learning Center will attempt to hire a tutor/notetaker for the course.

Criteria For Extended Time Testing & Supplemental Class Notes

Type of Admit TOEFL Score Semesters eligible for Extended Time Testing Semesters eligible for Supplemental Notes
English Bridge Program 450-525 2 Semesters after successful completion of Bridge Program 2 Semesters after successful completion of Bridge Program
Regular Admits 525-600 First 2 semesters at Plattsburgh State First 2 semesters at Plattsburgh State
Regular Admits 600 and above Not Eligible Not Eligible
ESL Domestic SAT Score of 450 or below or TOEFL score within the stated range. First 2 semesters at Plattsburgh State First 2 semesters at Plattsburgh State
Note: TOEFL Exam: The Test of English as a Foreign Language is offered through the Educational Testing Service. A perfect score is 677 points.



FAQs About Extended Time Testing for International Students

Am I required to send my students to the Learning Center if they request extended time testing for my exams?

Answer: According to Faculty Senate Action #501, students who are non-native speakers of English and who request assistance are entitled to extended time testing and/or supplemental notes, provided they satisfy the criteria outlined in the above-referenced policy. Faculty should send students who request assistance to the Claude J. Clark Learning Center to determine their eligibility for extended time testing and supplemental notes. Students will be asked to complete preliminary paperwork and will be notified of their eligibility for this service within 48 hours. Please note that students with learning and physical disabilities should be referred to Student Support Services, 110 Angell College Center.  For additional information on services provided by SSS, please call (518) 564-2810.

What if I think that a student in my class needs extended time testing but he is told by the Learning Center that he does not meet the eligibility requirements?

Answer: You are encouraged to bring your questions and concerns to the attention of Karin Killough, Learning Center Director.  The current policy was developed and approved in an effort to provide Plattsburgh State faculty with a guideline based on the established criteria. Exceptions to the policy will need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

What if a student has not taken the TOEFL exam or the SAT exam?

Answer:International students who have not completed the TOEFL exam or the SAT exam will be required to complete an institutional TOEFL exam within one semester of requesting extended time testing services through the Learning Center. The institutional TOEFL will be administered at a pre-determined date at a cost of $20.00. Students will be ineligible for the extended time testing service if they do not complete TOEFL exam within the stated time frame.

How much time will the student(s) be allowed for each exam?

Answer: Instructors may request that the student be allowed a specific amount of time- from fifteen minutes to double the normal time. Students are allowed no more than double the amount of time to take the exam. For example, if the class is given one hour, the student would be allowed a maximum of two hours.

What other types of accommodations are the student allowed?

Answer: Each student is required to complete the "Request for Extended Time Testing" form and meet with their professor in order to identify the exam dates and the appropriate resources. The professor is given the final authority in determining what the student is allowed to bring into the exam such as an electronic dictionary, foreign language/English dictionary, calculator, notebook, textbook or hand-held spell checker. The Learning Center has certain foreign language/English dictionaries available but the students will need to provide the other items listed.

How does the Learning Center secure and proctor the exams?

Answer:The Learning Center requires that students notify our office a minimum of four days in advance of the exam. Once we have been notified of the test date and time, we contact the professor and request the required number of exams, scantron forms, blue books, etc.  The professor either drops off the exam directly or a member of our student employee staff picks up the exam. It is then placed in a locked file until the exam is administered.

Students completing exams in the Learning Center must arrive on time and they are allowed to bring only the approved items into the exam. Students who arrive more than fifteen minutes late or who have not made arrangements in advance with the instructor are not allowed to take the exam in the Learning Center.

Before the exam begins, a brief review of the approved items takes place. Dictionaries and notebooks are scanned to ensure that additional information is not brought into the exam. The exams are proctored by Learning Center student employees.  The proctors complete training and are aware that they need to report any unusual or suspicious behavior, such as talking during the exam, passing notes, looking on another exam, or leaving the room without permission, to the Director of the Learning Center who reports any such incidents to the instructor.

If it is determined through normal college regulations (Campus Handbook, Section VIII) that a student has engaged in some form of academic dishonesty, the Learning Center reserves the right to identify a student as ineligible for this service.

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