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Glossary of Parking Terms

The following information will help to clarify terminology used in the University Police Parking Office for parking registration and compliance.

Authorized Agent - An individual within a specific department that has been authorized by the UPD Parking Manager to represent the UPD Parking Office by assigning day passes to visiting guests to clinics, etc.

Event Organizer - Person who ensures that the department is in compliance with parking standards when organizing parking arrangements for a specific departmental event/meeting.

Fuel Efficient Vehicles - Vehicles that are listed in American Council for Energy Efficient Economy Green Book with a score of 40 or above. may be registered for parking in special use fuel efficient vehicle spaces surrounding AuSable Hall when specific LEEDS certifying qualifications are met.

Lost, or Stolen Parking Hang Tag Affidavit - a form that shall be reported to the University Police immediately upon the discovery that a hang tag is lost or stolen.

Parking Appeal Hearing Request - An appeal may be filed by an alleged violator upon the receipt of a parking ticket as outlined on the appeal form and guidelines.

Parking Lot Designations and Restrictions – Outlines the applicable restrictions relevant to parking lots and other areas on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.  The type of registration applied for determines the restricted parking areas.  565.4 Parking Areas of the Traffic and Parking Regulations – Part 565 – Plattsburgh, highlights the restricted and reserved areas.

Parking Penalties and Fees - A listing of all parking violations and fines are identified for all parking tickets issued by University Police for parking noncompliance..

Parking Registration -  All vehicles parked on campus property must be registered with the University Police. Guidelines outline the proper registration and hang tag procedure for hang tag display and validation, including registration updates and cancellation. A Parking Registration Form is for use by individuals who do not have access to online registration in Banner. Students, faculty/staff, resident directors, visitors, and vendors shall all register vehicles for parking on campus property.

Parking Safety: A list of Frequently Asked Questions About Parking and Vehicle Registration outlines the most common parking questions and safety issues on campus. 

Residence Hall Director - A specially trained full time university employee generally responsible for the management and daily operations of campus residence halls or dormitories. They are entitled to RD parking privileges when specific registration requirements are met.

Traffic and Parking Regulations and Campus Map – Part 565 – Plattsburgh - Governs vehicular and pedestrian traffic and parking upon the highways, streets, roads and sidewalks owned, controlled or maintained by the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh, New York, and shall apply to students, faculty, staff, and visitors and all other persons upon such premises. Faculty includes those persons listed or eligible for listing in the official faculty directory and visiting faculty as designated by the president of the college. Staff includes those persons listed or eligible for listing in the official staff directory. A visitor is other than faculty, staff or student.




Contact Information

For more information about parking at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

SUNY Plattsburgh University Police Parking Office
101 Broad Street (Health Center)

Direct all parking inquiries to: