Parking Registration

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Special Parking Privileges for Qualifying Individuals

Special parking privileges are available to individual’s that meet specific qualifying requirements for:

Reserved Parking Privileges

Handicap (HC) Reserved Parking

‘Reserved for Handicap’ space is authorized for properly registered vehicles:

  • Visitors require  the display of a handicap placard (or plate) for permanent disability PLUS a visitor parking permit.
  • Campus members require the display of a valid faculty/staff, or student hang tag PLUS proof of disabling condition by the presentation of a doctor’s note that describes the term of the disabling condition).

Resident Director (RD) Reserved Parking

Specific guidelines for Resident Director (RD) Reserved Parking are available. Please note that Resident Assistants do not qualify for special parking privileges.

Service Vehicle (SVC) Reserved Parking

Written authorization from department chair or supervisor plus a paid vehicle registration; qualifies a campus person, who is required to use a personal vehicle for business purposes, to obtain a special use ‘service’ tag for parking in ‘Reserved for Service Vehicle’ according to posted time limitations.

Parking Waivers

Veteran Parking Waiver

DD-214 (honorable discharge) or enrollment status to  (if DD-214 is permanently filed with UPD). Where applicable, remove any parking fees that are automatically applied to each student’s bill before confirming enrollment.

Volunteer Parking Waiver (Docents, Literacy Volunteers, etc)

Certification and registration forms shall be filed with the applicable Authorized Agent. The Authorized Agent shall file a list with the University Police Parking Manager that includes all qualifying volunteers and vehicle plate #s to be assigned volunteer hang tags. Volunteer tags are valid for a calendar year (January to December) or until termination of volunteer service, whichever is sooner.  NOTE: All volunteer hang tags must be certified by Human Resources by the presentation of authorizing certification, or validated by a Department Chair to

Other Parking Privileges

Graduate Assistants Authorization for Faculty/Staff Parking

Proof of GA assistantship, plus payment of all parking fees required of students; qualifies a GA for a faculty/staff tag. A Graduate Assistant (GA) is required to email a hang tag change request to immediately upon payment of parking fees by confirming enrollment, and completion of the online parking registration in Login required.

Alumni and Emeriti

Pay a registration fee to Student Accounts and file a registration form with the UPD Parking Manager, Health Center Building, for a faculty/staff hang tag valid for personal use only.

‘Other’ Student (CCC, etc)

Pay off-campus student parking fees to Student Accounts, and submit the paid receipt, proof of active enrollment, and vehicle registration form to the UPD Parking Manager for an off-campus student hang tag.


Requires an active campus membership, plus payment of a parking registration fee to Student Accounts, Kehoe 101. The Submit paid receipt, proof of active campus membership, and vehicle registration form to UPD Parking Manager for a faculty/staff hang tag.

Third-Party and Affiliate Organizations

Including, but not limited to, BHSN, Stop Domestic Violence, Champlain Valley Family Center, Corcraft Products, Planned Parenthood of NENY, UFIRST Federal Credit Union, etc., pay applicable parking fees, as contracted, to Student Accounts; and submit paid receipt and registration form to the UPD Parking Manager through the organization’s ‘Authorized Agent’. The UPD Parking Manager will bullk process all third-party affiliate organization registrations and notify the ‘Authorized Agent’ when hang tags are ready for pickup at UPD.


Including service and supply contractors, food vendors, and construction contractors require proof of business affiliation, and payment of applicable parking fees. If conducting business less than 4 times per year, a vendor is classified as a short-term visitor. (See Vendor Guidelines for Doing Business on Campus.)

Visitor Short-term Parking (48 hours or less; 72 hours on weekends)

Requires a day pass from University Police, Health Center Building (or an Authorized Agent, including Student Accounts, Kehoe 101) to attend a meeting; visit employee, student, or public facility - library, museum, planetarium dining facility, bookstore, or Field House -  except in open lots or time-restricted spaces.

Small Department Events/Meetings

Parking for 10 or more invited guests requires that an Authorized Agent request a bulk permit by emailing the event name, date/time, location, estimated spaces needed, etc, to Parking for large public events requires parking in designated areas ‘open to the public’. Where applicable, an event host shall coordinate large event parking, including the event name, date/time, location, spaces required, etc, with UPD at

Visitor Long-Term Parking (In excess of 48 hours or when frequently utilizing a campus facility)

Register vehicle with UPD Parking Office, and, where applicable, obtain authorization by Housing Office (for students) or Department Chair (for department guests). Effective January 2018, long-term visitors will be required to pay a parking registration fee. Temporary Hires (working less than 30 days) are considered long-term visitors.



Contact Information

For more information about parking at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

SUNY Plattsburgh University Police Parking Office
101 Broad Street (Health Center)

Direct all parking inquiries to: