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Vendor Guidelines for Doing Business on Campus

The following guidelines outline vendor procedures for doing business on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus:

Vendor Advertising Guidelines

The posting of business advertising messages on campus property is prohibited, except in authorized locations. Residence hall advertising inquiries shall be directed to the Housing Office, Algonquin Hall, (518)564-3824; and Angell College Center inquiries to (518)564-4321.

Vendor Parking Registration

SUNY Plattsburgh recently adopted a new parking registration policy that impacts vendor and contractor parking procedures; however, the policy that requires vendors to pay an annual parking fee has been postponed until further notice. Vendors are only required to pay a $30 replacement fee for a lost, or stolen, hang tag.
Service and Supply Vendors are required to register vehicles for parking on campus with University Police (UPD), Health Center. If conducting business four, or less, times per year, a vendor may obtain a visitor day pass (not to exceed 48 hours), upon each visit, from either UPD or an authorized department agent.

Food Vendors that deliver food products to campus dining venues or residences may park unregistered company vehicles in building loading zones, or Rugar Street cutouts (except the bus stop) for up to 20 minutes when vehicles bear proper business ID and flashers are on. Please note that the Campus Express Deliveries cutout on Rugar Street is restricted to Campus Express deliveries only. No residence hall delivery shall be made beyond the residence hall main entrance.   

Construction Contractors/Subcontractors are restricted to parking in designated construction lay down areas. A Facilities Authorized Agent shall supply [email protected] with a list of contractors/subcontractors, plate #s, and hang tag #s. A construction supervisor may be authorized a ‘special use’ vendor tag to conduct site inspections at multiple locations outside of a lay down area.

Vendor Registration Instructions

To register, copy/paste the following information in an email to [email protected] or the department authorized agent:


Hang Tag Guidelines

A vendor hang tag is valid from January 1 (or contract start date) through December 31 (or upon contract completion), and authorizes parking as follows:

  • Service and supply vendors - any regular space (defined by 2 white lines) in any lot, January 1 – December 31.
  • Construction contractors - in designated lay down areas (unless otherwise authorized by UPD Parking Manager) for the term of the construction contract.

Upon receipt, validate an assigned tag by emailing the registrant’s name, plate #, and tag # to [email protected].

Hang tag must be readable when displayed from the rear view mirror (or dash below mirror.)

Vendors and construction contractors shall comply with the Lost-Stolen Hang Tag Affidavit and Guidelines for replacing a lost-stolen hang tag or bulk permit. A $30 fee is required to replace a lost/stolen tag.

Upon completion of a contract, a vendor is encouraged to return any assigned hang tag that is no longer being used to UPD, Health Center, for proper disposal and release of liability. Vendor tags are not transferrable.

Parking Compliance

Vendors and constructions contractors are expected to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the campus Traffic and Parking Regulations-Part 565- Plattsburgh. File appeals as outlined in the Appeal Form and Filing Guidelines.


Contact Information

For more information about parking at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

SUNY Plattsburgh University Police Parking Office
101 Broad Street (Health Center)

Direct all parking inquiries to: [email protected]