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ENT200 - Entrepreneurial Communication and Leadership (3 cr.)

Students learn an appreciation of the importance of oral communication in starting and leading entrepreneurial ventures. Students will drill on preparation and presentation skills that justify the commitment of resources to solve social problems. Students will develop listening skills for evaluating entrepreneurial proposals and strengthen their understanding of entrepreneurship. Liberal Arts Semester(s) Offered: Fall.

ENT320 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3 cr.)

The entrepreneurial processes of identifying opportunities for innovation and determining their feasibility for successful implementation are studied and practiced. Students will use and reflect upon the mental processes and analytical tools that can be employed to generate entrepreneurial opportunities and select viable projects. Blending creative, analytical, and communication skills students will identify, develop, and pitch an entrepreneurial idea. Prerequisite(s): ACC202, ENT200, MKE290. Semester(s) Offered: Fall.

ENT338 - Canadian Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3 cr.)

This course will focus on the entrepreneurial environment in Canada, the factors and programs that contribute to, or are obstacles to, innovation and to the successful development of Canadian entrepreneurial products and organizations. Students will learn about Canada's leading entrepreneurs, their entrepreneurial qualities, and their innovative products, services, and organizations. Semester(s) Offered: Every Third Semester.

ENT340 - Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness (3 cr.)

The entrepreneurial skills of recognizing and gaining control over valuable resources are examined from the Lean Entrepreneurship perspective where risks are minimized while testing and learning about entrepreneurial opportunities. Students will develop strategies and skills for gaining access to critical human resources, sources of finance, trade credit, real estate, and intellectual property. Students will develop a business plan that specifically demonstrates the integration of resources necessary to launch a venture. Prerequisite(s): ACC202, ENT200, MGM280. Semester(s) Offered: Spring.

ENT420 - Entrepreneurial Growth and Exit Strategies (3 cr.)

The skills and techniques for exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities and leading an organization from inception, through rapid growth and exit are explored. The functional areas of management, marketing, accounting and finance are brought together to provide insight on how to operate a business experiencing rapid organizational growth. Students will have the opportunity to participate in problem-solving, field projects, or case analyses related to problems associated with rapid organizational growth. Prerequisite(s): ACC202, ENT320, FIN350, MGM280, MKE290. Semester(s) Offered: Spring.

ENT443 - Selected Topics in Entrepreneurship (3 cr.)

Seminar offered occasionally on advanced entrepreneurship topics of current interest and importance. The course explores entrepreneurship in greater depth and allows for the exploration of an area taken from another entrepreneurship course in greater detail or it may concentrate on an area of entrepreneurship not generally covered in existing courses: Issues of Family Businesses, New Product Development, and Marketing for Small Business. Prerequisite(s): MKE290 and MGM280 or POI. Semester(s) Offered: Every Other Year.

ENT498 - Internship in Entrepreneurship (1 to 3 cr.)

Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. Felony Questionnaire Required.

ENT499 - Independent Study in Entrepreneurship (1 to 3 cr.)

Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

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