MLS Courses

MLS501 - Holistic Leadership: Seminar in Theoretical Foundations (3 cr.)

A focused survey of foundational theory and research in leadership. Special emphasis is placed on the development of leadership as it relates to personal behavior, the psychodynamics of personal development, learning styles, communication, and cultural and psycho-social patterns. This course focuses on the application of personal development theories to one's self to build increased competencies in self-assessment and monitoring, personal reflection and journaling, learning approaches, and application of theories to one's personal leadership development process. Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

MLS510 - Studies in Leadership Communication (3 cr.)

Intended for individuals in professional, business or government positions desiring to improve their knowledge and skills necessary in leadership roles. Specific emphasis is given to concepts and problems of leadership at various levels and in a wide variety of situations. Semester(s) Offered: Fall.

MLS511 - Systems, Change and the Dynamics of Complexity (3 cr.)

This course is designed to help us develop our own pictures and understandings of systems by learning to critically question the assumptions and paradigms of both our own organization and leadership views and those whose work we will read. Students will be introduced to the fundamental questions and theoretical approaches in the study of complex systems. We will consider the relationship between theory and practice as we develop a critical discourse, challenge knowledge claims, and move toward the design and administration of complex systems with multiple feedback effects, long time delays, and nonlinear responses to our decisions. Students will learn to visualize organizations in terms of the structures and policies that create complex dynamics and regulate performance. Semester(s) Offered: Spring, Summer.

MLS515 - Leadership Analysis, Thinking and Planning (3 cr.)

This course is an interactive seminar in which students design a personal leadership portfolio and developmental plan. Students analyze different leadership styles and actions and their own leadership strengths and career aspirations. Coursework focuses on in-class and outside of class action learning and developmental agendas, culminating in a leadership profile and leadership development action plan. Semester(s) Offered: Spring.

MLS537 - Leading and Learning in Groups (3 cr.)

This course is an applied workshop focusing on developing competencies in creating learning environments for groups to enhance group effectiveness. These competencies include facilitation, communication, learning activity design and implementation, and best case practices. Students will be exposed to learning theories, the socio-dynamics of team formation and learaning communities. Specific communication and facilitation techniques will be learned and employed in developing and delivering learning modules in and outside the classroom. Semester(s) Offered: Spring, Summer.

MLS538 - Brokering Alliances and Networks (3 cr.)

Students will actively participate in learning several methods for forming sustainable public sector, corporate or small business, non-profit organizational and community based relationships. Each student will develop and test a strategic alliance and network action plan for an individual and organization. The course includes research into desired objectives and outcomes, recent literature on performance based needs, and market/consumer/client-service issues. This is an interactive course designed to provide meaningful application of theory to the day-to-day practice of stakeholder and mutually beneficial relationship management in a regulatory and organizationally networked environment. This class is conducted as a seminar-workshop intended as a hands-on, experiential learning experience. The students will be exposed to collaborative alliance development and networking methodologies and techniques that can be used to form meaningful relationships between organizations across organizational sectors and among individuals. The course is research intensive, interactive, and based on a team approach to working and learning through the application of models to real situations. Semester(s) Offered: Winter.

MLS544 - Selected Topics in Administration and Leadership (1 to 6 cr.)

Selected topics which will cover Administration and Leadership topics of current interest of developing theory. These courses could be interdisciplinary and integrate topics from a variety of disciplines. Prerequisite(s): will vary according to the topic. Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

MLS552 - Program Evaluation and Grant Writing (3 cr.)

This course engages students in a review of public administration, non-profit and private agency issues and agendas for the purpose of understanding varying contexts for program evaluation and grant writing. Students conduct research and analysis of different approaches and techniques for program evaluation and design a best practice program evaluation process and evaluative tools using case studies. Semester(s) Offered: Summer.

MLS580 - Seminar in Public Policy (3 cr.)

Focus will be on policy, theory, policy making and policy analysis, different rationales for government action generally; how different types of policy are made; and a detailed look at the problems facing those who try to assess the worth of public policy. Prerequisite(s): must be matriculated in the MS-Leadership program. Semester(s) Offered: Spring.

MLS581 - Ethics in Leadership (3 cr.)

This course will provide students with an historic perspective on ethics based in varying philosophies, curtural and social contexts. The most prominent guidelines and theories for making ethical judgments will be explored in the course. Students will also examine ethics codes for various professions and the emerging legal issues governing ethics in American society. Students will consider the importance of creating a social context that emphasizes ethical values and behavior. The course will also focus on the types of practical issues requiring ethical sensitivity in a diverse and changing social structure using case studies and ethical issues exploration. Semester(s) Offered: Fall.

MLS585 - Research Methods and Writing (3 cr.)

This class provides an overview of research methods and engages students in the process of formulating a research problem, conducting literature reviews, and designing a research project. Students will explore different types of research; the varying processes of conducting research based on the type of research question and the research methods; the criteria for good research; and ethical concerns in doing research using human subjects. Students will identify the primary method to be used for their thesis. Semester(s) Offered: Spring.

MLS590 - Master Thesis (3 cr.)

This course is the capstone work for students who are completing their master's degree in Leadership. Students have several thesis options from which to choose to complete the course/program requirements: Self-Assessment Action Research Portfolio Thesis, Analysis and Assessment Research Thesis, Best Practices Professional Project Applied Research Thesis, Case Study Applied Research Thesis, Original Research Thesis. The course provides thesis completion guidance and feedback on progress towards the thesis. Prerequisite(s): MLS585. Semester(s) Offered: Summer.

MLS591 - Applied Leadership Internship (3 cr.)

This course is intended to provide students with experience in applying leadership theory to a real work environment. Each student must select an appropriate site for the internship and identify an on-site supervisor. Students work with a faculty sponsor and the on-site supervisor to both design a learning and action plan and select work experiences that will support that plan. Students spend 120-150 hours at the internship site and provide periodic and/or summary reports on the outcomes of their experience. The course is appropriate for students with little or no managerial level work experience. Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

MLS592 - Applied Leadership Observational Study (3 cr.)

This course provides a framework for students who have some managerial level work experience and/or are currently employed to study the contexts and conditions that influence leadership decisions and actions in a real work environment. Each student will indentify one or more leaders who demonstrate competencies and actions that are aspirational to the student and are willing to participate in the study. In collaboration with a faculty sponsor, the student will design a structured process for observation, discussion and inquiry for one-on-one interaction with the leader(s). Students spend time weekly observing in the organizational setting and/or meeting with leaders, maintain a detailed journal of these observations, discussions and inquiries, and submit a summary analysis of their learning. Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

MLS599 - Independent Study (1 to 15 cr.)

Project individually arranged by student and faculty sponsor. Requires completion of the Independent Study form and approval by the Faculty Sponsor, Academic Advisor, Department Chair and Academic Dean.

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