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RBT122 - Physical Computing (3 cr.)

Micro-controller boards and basic electronic components are used to explore programming and development of algorithms. Students will build circuits and program the microcontroller to control electronic devices. Topics include: data representations, Boolean logic and digital circuits, microprocessor organization and operation, basic electronics, and programming in a high level language. For students in any major. No prior experience in computing, science, or technology is required. Semester(s) Offered: Fall.

RBT318 - Physics and Application of Sensors (3 cr.)

This course is an overview and introduction to sensor physics, design, and applications. It will cover measurement theory and practice and include a lab component where the students will work with the sensors and probe their uses and limitations. Liberal Arts Prerequisite(s): PHY379 or RBT379. Semester(s) Offered: Spring.

RBT366 - Advanced Digital Design (3 cr.)

An advanced course focusing on developing, testing, and synthesizing digital circuits. Topics to be covered will include simulating digital circuits using VHDL and/or Verilog, FPGA's, combinational logic and sequential logic design, programmable logic and storage devices, and digital processors. Liberal Arts Prerequisite(s): PHY365. Semester(s) Offered: Fall Even Years.

RBT367 - Intermediate Robotics Lab (3 cr.)

Working in small teams students will implement medium size robotics projects. Each student will gain experience in researching, designing, and planning a robotics project that would be suitable for a senior project. Prerequisite(s): RBT318. Semester(s) Offered: Spring.

RBT379 - Introduction to Robotics (3 cr.)

An overview and introduction of robotics in practice and research with topics including vision, motion planning, mobile mechanisms, kinematics, inverse kinematics, and sensors. Prerequisite(s): PHY111, MAT225 or MAT202, co- or prerequisite CSC221. Semester(s) Offered: Fall.

RBT380 - Control Systems Engineering (3 cr.)

Introduction to analysis and design of continuous feedback control systems. Topics include modeling physical systems using linear differential equations, Laplace transforms, transfer functions, block diagrams, transient specifications, steady state tracking errors, stability, and sensitivity, root locus, Nyquist and Bode plots. Liberal Arts Prerequisite(s): MAT221 or MAT224; and PHY379 or RBT379. Semester(s) Offered: Fall Even Years.

RBT383 - Embedded Systems (3 cr.)

Introduction to embedded systems programming. Includes configuration of systems, real-time systems, cyber-physical computing, and writing hardware drivers. Liberal Arts Prerequisite(s): CSC309. Semester(s) Offered: Spring.

RBT401 - Robot Kinematics and Dynamics (3 cr.)

This class focuses on the kinematics, dynamics, and programming of robotic mechanisms. The fundamental techniques apply to robotic arms, mobile robots, active sensor platforms, and other computer-controlled kinematic linkages. Arms are the primary application. Liberal Arts Prerequisite(s): MAT221 or MAT224, and PHY379 or RBT379. Semester(s) Offered: Spring Semester Odd Numbered Years.

RBT467 - Robotics Senior Project (3 cr.)

Implement an individual advanced robotics project, based on the skills and knowledge gained in previous courses. Prerequisite(s): RBT367. Semester(s) Offered: Spring.

RBT495 - Undergraduate Research (1 to 6 cr.)

Participation in research programs in robotics or fields related to robotics under the guidance of a faculty member. Liberal Arts Prerequisite(s): POI. Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

RBT498 - Internship (1 to 12 cr.)

Robotics activity at an industrial or research facility. Prerequisite(s): six credits in upper level CSC, PHY, or RBT courses. Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. Felony Questionnaire Required.

RBT499 - Independent Study (1 to 15 cr.)

Project individually arranged by student and faculty sponsor. Requires completion of the Independent Study form and approval by the faculty sponsor, academic advisor, department chair and dean. Liberal Arts Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

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