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Budget Process

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Statement of Policy

During the 2004-05 fiscal year, Plattsburgh State decentralized its budget process by giving department chairpersons and account managers the responsibility of developing their budget request. About the same time, the campus adopted its Strategic Plan and provided a process for developing and funding campus strategic initiatives. New systems have already been developed, using the campus administrative BANNER software, to capture our State operating and General Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) budget requests. These systems are still being improved and there are plans to develop additional systems in the coming years to capture our Residence Halls, Summer Session and Overseas Academic Program budget requests. The budget timeframe provides for the review and completion of our State and Income Fund Reimbursable (Dorm, SUTRA and General IFR) budgets by April 1, 2007. This timeframe was established after review by the President’s Cabinet, Deans Council and Resources and Planning committee.

Beginning with fiscal year 2007-08, the campus will estimate its state operating budget total and use this estimate for planning purposes. The estimate will be based on SUNY's Budget Allocation Process (BAP) which includes our planned enrollment targets and other formulas for calculating our share of taxpayer support. The estimated budget number allows the campus to be proactive in its planning regardless of when the State of New York passes its budget. Department chairpersons and account managers will know their approved budgets at approximately the same time each year. This also allows SUNY Plattsburgh to submit an informed response to SUNY System Administration when they request our IFR budget targets and mandatory fee information in April of each year. As always, the campus will ensure that its budget reflects our campus strategic planning priorities. Plattsburgh's planning documents (Campus Strategic Plan, Strategic Initiatives, Memorandum of Understanding (2005-2010), Academic Plan, and Comprehensive Enrollment Management Plan) will continue to serve as guides in preparing and reviewing our budget requests.


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