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Policy on Departmental & College Annual Reports

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4008.2 Human Resource Services

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Pre-2007 1.0 New Document  
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10/6/2016 2.1 Minor Revisions  
1/11/2017 2.2 Minor Revisions  

Statement of Policy

All academic employees (except those holding a casual appointment) must submit a completed Annual Professional Activities Report by September 1 each for the prior year of obligation to their department chair, center director, or program coordinator. However, all academic employees are encouraged to submit this report by June 1 each year to facilitate development of the department's, center's or program's annual report to be submitted to the respective academic dean by June 15.

Each department prepares a yearly report with an appendix listing scholarly publications for submission to the appropriate dean. Emphasis is placed on accomplishments of the current year and major goals planned for achievement during the coming academic year (three or four outstanding items which will improve excellence of program). There is maximum freedom relative to the production of this short report, which is due in the Dean's office by June 15.

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Academic Deans, and the Vice President for Student Affairs will collate the reports from their respective departments and/or administrative officers and prepare a 10-12-page summary. These reports shall be submitted to the Office of the President of the college by August 15. Each Academic Dean shall distribute copies of the report to his/her faculty.

The Office of Institutional Advancement shall be responsible for preparing the final overall annual report of the College. The final report shall be submitted to the Chancellor's Office by August 30.


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