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New (GNU) Academic Building Mission Statement

Approved by Executive Council 6/2/09

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Revision History

Date Version Change Ref Section
6/2/2009 1.0 New Document  
1/2/2017 1.1 Minor Revisions  


To create a building that will:

  • Support the College’s Mission;
  • Serve as a central location that encourages diverse activities and ongoing interaction among faculty, staff, students, administration and facilitates the effective use of students’ time;
  • Provide the tools for cooperative learning and creative approaches to teaching while affording students an informal environment for studying and learning individually or in small groups;
  • Be designed to the highest level achievable for architectural aesthetics and sustainable standards given the constraints;
  • Be filled with natural light and offer a pleasing and uplifting environment which takes advantage of its location;
  • Incorporate design techniques and state-of-the-art infrastructure to enable the programs housed within it to respond to program developments, changing enrollments and future needs;
  • Showcase the students, faculty and programs.

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