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Leave of Absence Other than Sabbatical

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4026.1 Human Resource Services

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Statement of Policy

The policies governing "other" leaves for academic employees and leaves of Absence for professional employees may be found in the Policies of the Board of Trustees, Article XIII and the UUP Agreement, Article 23.7 a & b and state: "Other leaves for academic employees and professionals, for the purpose of professional development, acceptance of assignments of limited duration with other universities and colleges, governmental agencies, foreign nations, private foundations, corporations and similar agencies, as a faculty member, expert, consultant or in a similar capacity, or for other appropriate purposes consistent with the needs and interests of the University. Leave of absence without salary may also be granted under appropriate circumstances for the purpose of childcare. Leaves of absence at full or reduced salary pursuant to provisions of this Section shall be subject to the approval of the Chancellor".

The approval request form or letter is available in the Dean's or Provost's Office, a copy of the President’s letter of approval and a personnel change notice must be sent to the Human Resource Services Office to implement a leave. A personnel change notice is required to return an employee to full payroll status.

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