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Private Instruction & Tutoring

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Statement of Policy

1. It is the general policy of the college that faculty members shall not give private instruction (tutoring) to college students for remuneration in those areas which they teach as members of the college faculty. (This includes mathematics, speech correction, remedial reading and all academic areas as well as the arts).

2. As in all general policies, it may be for the welfare of the college to make certain exceptions, if such exceptions can be honestly made in terms of the faculty member's commitments to the college and in accordance with accepted professional ethics.

3. A faculty member who wishes to accept extra pay for offering private lessons to a college student should carefully describe the situation to the other members of his/her department and explain why it would be a special benefit to the college to make an exception to the general policy. In this explanation, it should be clear that the student cannot get adequate instruction from the private teachers in the area. If applicable, he/she should also explain that the parents are fully aware of the situation, and have made a special request for this kind of help. It should also be clear that such private lessons will in no way diminish the amount of time that the faculty member has for departmental committees, formal class instruction, group lessons, extra demands made on all faculty.

4. If, in the opinion of the department staff, this exception is warranted, the request should go to the dean of the appropriate faculty who will make the decision in terms of the total welfare of the department and the college. A faculty member is expected to carry as part of his/her regular instructional assignment those students for tutorial study, which may be assigned to him/her by his/her departmental chairperson. There will be no additional compensation for guidance of tutorial study during the regular academic year. 


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