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Property Control - Workflow for PCS Assets

Approved by Executive Council on October 4, 2011

Policy Number Policy Owner
5003.1 Property Control

Revision History:

Date Version Change Ref Section
10/4/2011 1.0 New Document  
12/11/2015 1.1 Minor Revisions  
1/4/2017 1.2 Minor Revisions  

The document has been prepared to provide guidance and guidelines governing SUNY Plattsburgh's policy on Property Control and to assist departmental personnel in the understanding of that policy.

The following is a description of SUNY Plattsburgh’s work flow for placing assets in the SUNY Property Control System. (PCS)

Purchase Requisitions (PR) are created by individuals and those PR’s are forwarded to the Purchasing Department to be converted to Purchase Orders (PO).  Research Foundation PO’s should be sent directly to The Office of Sponsored Research.

Purchasing Department or Office of Sponsored Research:

  1. Converts the PR’s to PO’s
  2. If the PO is for a piece of equipment with a value of $2,500 or greater (which includes shipping, installation costs and any additional software)
  3. Fill in electronic version of SUNY PCS Transaction Update Form P-101 with the following information:
    1. Quantity
    2. Vendor
    3. Description
    4. PO #
    5. PO Date
    6. Building
    7. Floor
    8. Room
    9. Transaction Date
    10. Original Cost/Replacement Cost
  4. Email the electronic version of the SUNY PCS Transaction Update Form P-101 to the Warehouse Receiving Department. cc: to the Property Control Coordinator.
  5. If the Asset is going to be delivered to the Branch Campus in Glens Falls the form should be emailed to the Branch Campus Equipment Coordinator, Warehouse Receiving and Property Control Coordinator.

Warehouse Receiving or Associate Dean of Branch Campus:

  1. Receives the Electronic P-101 form from Purchasing Department
  2. Receiving Department adds all information from electronic P-101 to Inventory Log regardless of where asset is delivered
  3. When the item is received at the warehouse Receiving Clerk puts a white PCS tag (white label with barcode) on the item. If the Item is received at the Branch Campus the Branch Campus Equipment Coordinator will fill out electronic P-101 form and make arrangements with Warehouse Receiving to provide tag to be place on equipment
  4. On the electronic P-101 form the Warehouse Receiving or Branch Campus Equipment Coordinator fills in the following information:
    1. PCS tag #
    2. Equipment Serial Number
    3. Acquired Date (date the same as Received Date)
    4. Condition
    5. Manufacturer
    6. Model
    7. Serial Number
  5. Warehouse Receiving or Branch Campus Equipment Coordinator then forwards electronic P-101 to Maintenance and Operation Center Secretary. cc: Property Control Coordinator
Maintenance and Operation Center Secretary:
  1. Fills in remaining fields on P-101 form
    1. Fund
    2. 10 digit Asset #
    3. Transaction Code
    4. Class Code
    5. Group
    6. Department
    7. Remaining life in years and months
    8. Status
    9. Award Number
    10. SURF Own
    11. Split Funds
    12. N/U
    13. Off Campus Code
    14. Project Number (if applicable)
  2. Forwards electronic copy of P-101 form to Property Control Coordinator

Property Control Coordinator/Purchasing Assistant for RF:

  1. Receives electronic copy of P-101 from Maintenance and Operations Center Secretary
  2. Check SMRT and SUIQ until PO is paid to obtain actual Cost
  3. PCC Enters Replacement Cost
  4. Once all required information is gathered on electronic copy of P-101 form, PCC will forward to A/P for entry on PCS

Accounts Payable:

  1. A/P will enter information onto PCS system
  2. File P101 form with voucher

Disposal of Assets:

If an item is going to be disposed of, a SUNY Plattsburgh Equipment Disposal Form should be filled out by the Department level Equipment Coordinator and forwarded to MOC Secretary. MOC Secretary will be responsible for removing assets from the CPS and disposing of the asset in the proper OSC prescribed procedure.


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