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Signage Guidelines for Feinberg Library

These guidelines apply to all three levels of Feinberg Library

Our building signage is intended to convey important information to our visitors, helping them to find the people and services they seek. Our signage is designed to be professional, clear, consistent, well-placed, and in accord with SUNY Plattsburgh's official standards for graphic design.

We understand that visitors make judgements about a facility and an organization based on signage. Therefore, we strive to create a signage environment that follows a high quality standard.

Messages in our signs are designed to avoid being confusing or frustrating to read, We are careful to consolidate our signs in locations that make sense to visitors, and not place them in a myriad of locations around the building.

Permanent signage

Feinberg's permanent signage uses a high-contrast color scheme of dark blue on light silver. The blue type font harmonizes with the building's main accent color; this font (Univers) is also an approved choice in the college's design palette.

Temporary signage

Temporary print signage is placed in approved holders or in our bulletin board locations. No hand-written signs are allowed, except in emergency situations. With the exception of our large-display and special-event artwork, posters are no larger than 11x17. Left or right alignment is preferred for messages with longer text, so as to assist the reader by creating a strong vertical edge.

Print images are high resolution (300 dpi). Electronic images are low resolution (72 dpi). Approved electronic signage may be placed in the slide rotation on building computer screens.

Contact Information

For more information about Library and Information Technology Services, please contact:

Holly Heller-Ross, Dean of LITS and CIO
Office: Feinberg Library 211
Phone: 518-564-5180
Email: hellerhb@plattsburgh.edu