SUNY Plattsburgh's Privacy Policies


Information Collected When You Email this Website or Complete a Transaction

During your visit to this website you may send an e-mail to Plattsburgh State. Your e-mail address and the contents of your message will be collected.  The information collected is not limited to text characters and may include audio, video, and graphic information formats included in the message.  Your e-mail address and the information included in your message will be used to respond to you, to address issues you identify, to improve this website, or to forward your message to another State agency for appropriate action.  Your e-mail address is not collected for commercial purposes and Plattsburgh State is not authorized to sell or otherwise disclose your e-mail address for commercial purposes.

During your visit to this website, you may complete a transaction such as a survey, registration, or order form.  The information, including personal information , volunteered by you in completing the transaction is used by Plattsburgh State to operate Plattsburgh State programs, which include the provision of goods, services, and information.  The information collected by Plattsburgh State may be disclosed by Plattsburgh State for those purposes that may be reasonably ascertained from the nature and terms of the transaction in which the information was submitted.  Transactions completed through this website may be processed through iPerceptions, Inc.'s website, and as such are subject to that company's privacy policy, which can be found at

Plattsburgh State does not knowingly collect personal information from children or create profiles of children through this website.  Users are cautioned, however, that the collection of personal information submitted in an e-mail will be treated as though it was submitted by an adult, and may, unless exempted from access by federal or State law, be subject to public access.  The Agency strongly encourages parents and teachers to be involved in children's Internet activities and to provide guidance whenever children are asked to provide personal information on-line.

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