Technology Policies


Policies Governing the Technology Projects Review Process at SUNY Plattsburgh

Overview of the process

SUNY Plattsburgh's Technology Project Review Process is designed to improve campus planning, coordination, and workflow related to technology projects - whether they be small or large. It also assists Library and Information Technology Services (LIS) staff by providing advance notice for projects, programs, and services that require the involvement of our technology units:

To begin, please complete and submit the online Technology Project Origination Form.

Upon receipt of your Technology Project Origination Form, LIS units will the review potential impacts that your initiative might incur at critical stages of development. Our goal is to provide you with important information about project requirements and a realistic timeline for implementation. 


Please note that this process excludes the following items:

  • Day-to-day Banner programming requests
  • Purchase of stand-alone software for an individual's computer (unless student/personnel data will be entered in the software)
  • Purchase of media items that are coordinated by departments (e.g., digital cameras)


Should you have questions about whether to submit the Technology Project Review Form, please call John Bradley at (518) 564-2435.  

Contact Information

For more information about Library and Information Technology Services, please contact:

Holly Heller-Ross, Dean and CIO
Library and Information Technology Services
SUNY Plattsburgh
2 Draper Avenue, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: (518) 564-5180
Fax: (518) 564-5100
Email: [email protected]