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About the College Council at SUNY Plattsburgh

Each state-operated campus of the SUNY system has a College Council, appointed by the Governor. This body is mandated by Article 8, Section 356 of the New York State Education Law, which provides for the establishment of a local council to supervise the operations and affairs of each state-operated institution of the State University. These councils function subject to the general management, supervision and control of and in accordance with rules established by the State University Trustees.

Council Members

While members of the College Council are generally from Northern New York and reflect the diversity of our region's communities, alumni, business people, and professionals, the Governor appoints individuals who have a strong interest in the college. Nine of the ten members of the Council are appointed by the Governor for seven-year terms. The tenth member is a student, elected for a one-year term by and from the students enrolled at the institution. The chair is appointed by the Governor.


At Plattsburgh, the Council holds six regular meetings during the academic year, and may hold a special meeting if necessary to conduct business, which are all open to the public. The President and Vice Presidents give updates to the Council at each meeting. Representatives from the faculty, student body and unions are also invited to attend and participate.

In addition to the formal meetings of the Council, the President and Council Chair speak and meet frequently throughout the year on issues, reports, and other matters which may be related to the responsibilities of the Council. Council members are invited to the college's numerous cultural, educational, athletic, and social campus events each year and are active participants in official ceremonies and programs such as Commencement.

Presidential Search Committee

One of the most important responsibilities of the Council is its role in the selection of the campus President. Most recently in 2004, the Council recommended to the SUNY Board of Trustees candidates for the President of SUNY Plattsburgh. It formed a search committee of faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community representatives. The search process involved other campus, alumni, and community leaders in the interviewing of candidates and eventually led to the recommendation of the top candidates for campus president. The SUNY Board of Trustees appointed Dr. John Ettling the 10th president of SUNY Plattsburgh from the College Council's top recommendations.

Involvement with Campus

While the duties of the Council are prescribed by law, Council members are encouraged to be actively engaged in campus activities and foster their personal affiliation with the institution. The members are contributors to the college's fund-raising efforts and have from time to time become leaders of our advancement and development initiatives in addition to their roles as Council members. The President and Vice Presidents meet informally throughout the year with individual Council members to maintain a free flow of information and views on topics affecting the campus. Members have served as advocates for SUNY Plattsburgh through their contacts with the Governor, legislators, and community leaders. The College Council is an important and effective body that advocates on behalf of SUNY Plattsburgh.

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