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College Council Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013 @ 1:00 P.M.
Alumni Conference Room, Angell College Center

  1. Call to Order: Salvatore Graven, Acting Chair

2. Roll Call: Sue Gadway, Secretary

3. Approval of Minutes (Dec. 11, 2012 Council meeting)

4. Public Comment:

5. President’s Report: Pres. John Ettling

6. Chairperson’s Report: Mr. Graven

7. Student Association President’s Report: Ms. Vanessa Cappon

8. Action Items:

8.1 A Resolution Honoring William Laundry for his Years of Service to SUNY Plattsburgh

8.2 A Resolution Recognizing Charles Sanchez for Outstanding Service as a Member of the College Council at SUNY Plattsburgh

8.3 A Resolution Honoring the Women's Rugby Club at SUNY Plattsburgh on Winning its Conference Title

9. Campus Updates:

9.1 Strategic/Academic Plan: Dr. Provost Liszka, Co-Chair

9.2 Impact of 2013 - 14 College Operating Budget: Vice President John Homburger

10. Presentations:

10.1 Honors Center/Program: Dr. James Armstrong, Director and Distinguished Teaching Professor of Anthropology 

11. Council Committee Reports (Updates since the reports were issued):

11.1 Academic Affairs: Mr. Sayles/Provost Liszka

11.2 Business Affairs: Mr. Russell/Vice President Homburger

11.3 Facilities/Capital Planning: Mr. Mannix/Vice President Homburger

11.4 Institutional Advancement: Ms. Kelly/Vice President Hansen

11.5 Student Affairs: Ms. Garrant/Interim Vice President Hartman

11.6 Community and Government Relations: Mr. Johnson/Mr. Tyo

12. Campus Governance: Dr. Rezac (Faculty Senate), Dr. Gordon (Presiding Officer of the Faculty), Dr. Curry (UUP), Ms. Facteau (CSEA), Mr. Phair (Council 82)

13. Old Business

14. New Business

15. Adjourn


Next College Council Meeting

Tuesday, April 19, 2013 @ 1:00 P.M.
Alumni Conference Room, College Center

Contact Information

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Office: 159 Hawkins Hall
Address: 101 Broad Street, Plattsburgh, New York 12901

Phone: (518) 564-2010
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