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Career Development Center Information for Faculty

The Career Development Center at SUNY Plattsburgh welcomes opportunities to collaborate with faculty and staff. We’d be pleased to talk with you about:

  • Classroom presentations
  • Career resources, such as Major-to-Career guides, salary research, graduate school guides and more
  • Resume development and critique
  • Practice Interviews
  • Pre-professional networking and mentoring with Cardinal alumni and employers
  • On-campus Recruiting
  • Career Events, including the Part Time Job Expo, Now-to-Next Career Fair, and more

Great career development begins with self-knowledge: an understanding of skills, values, aptitudes and interests that inform decision making. At the CDC, we offer a wide array of career assessments, all empirically credible. You may also know that our career counselors are well versed in all our assessments, however, each has a specialization. As you refer students to the CDC for a career assessment, please remember that it is most meaningful if a career counselor first meets with a student to determine which among our assessments we believe will best serve individual students. We also know this isn’t always possible, so please inform students that they can access career assessments through CardinalConnect any time or by a quick stop during our walk in hours.

Our online assessments for use by individual students include:

  • CareerFinder/Explorer (within CardinalConnect, the online career management system) leverages a simpler career interest tool connected to various industry guides and occupational resources
  • Strong Interest Inventory (SII): the test was developed in 1927 by psychologist Edward Kellog Strong, Jr. to help people exiting the military find suitable jobs. It was revised later by Jo-Ida Hansen and David Campbell. The modern version of 2004 is based on the Holland Codes typology of psychologist John L. Holland.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): known for its longevity and broad use in a variety of applications, the MBTI measures 16 personality type indicators, which can help clarify academic, work and lifestyle preferences.
  • Please note that we have a very limited number of SII & MBTI inventories available. 

Non-electronic: True Colors: it uses with Kiersey’s temperament indicators, this assessment explores skills and talents within the context of how these are expressed via personality. This assessment requires a personal appointment.

For faculty who may wish to assign an entire class to take any of these inventories, please contact Julia Overton-Healy directly.

Contact Information

To learn more about the Career Development Center at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Career Development Center
118 Angell College Center (ACC)
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, New York 12901

Phone (518) 564-2071
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