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We Help You Unpack Your Bags

Everyone travels through life with baggage from his or her previous experiences. Conceptions and misconceptions, dispositions for or against things, skills learned and the potential to learn new ones - these are a few examples.

Photo of J.W. Wiley, Director of the Center for Diversity, meeting with students in his office.College students are no exception.

Their baggage contains essentials that will assist them in college and throughout life, as well as some items which may have served their purpose or probably should never have been put in the bags in the first place. Sorting the wanted from the unwanted is not an easy process. That's where the Center can help.

College students find themselves evolving rapidly as they encounter many new experiences and people. The typical college student doesn't believe that he or she has the power to change the world.  But consider this, if Socrates, the American Patriots, Harriet Tubman, Albert Einstein, Abolitionists, Ghandi, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Bill Gates, and many others hadn't pursued their dreams, the world as we know it would be considerably different.

These people were all revolutionaries - agents of significant change. They were able to rid themselves of the baggage that could have inhibited their growth, while picking up those items that they determined would fit them. This ability is what made them revolutionaries. Now consider a second point: Anybody can be a revolutionary! Each person can become a change agent.

It all starts with desire. It all starts with you.


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If you would like to learn more about the Center for Diversity (CDPI) at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

CDPI logoDr. J.W. Wiley, Chief Diversity Officer
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