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About the Center for Diversity, Pluralism and Inclusion (CDPI)

Our Mantra

Diversity, without Pluralism and Inclusion, becomes Adversity, Separatism, and Illusion.

Our Mission

To assist SUNY Plattsburgh in its efforts to further create an academic environment that will attract, recruit, retain, and prepare a diverse group of students to assume leadership roles in the world wide community; to assist in developing an environment whereby both the faculty, staff, administration and curriculum combine to enrich these students; to assist in ensuring that academic and administrative processes are constantly being evaluated for their implementation and adherence to diversity principles; and to expand the intellectual and social horizons of every individual the Center has access to who endeavors to embrace the universe and all of its inhabitants.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

If you have any questions about the Center for Diversity (CDPI), or are interested in learning more about promoting diversity at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

CDPI LogoDr. J.W. Wiley, Chief Diversity Officer
Office Location: Kehoe 610
Phone: (518) 564-5410
Email: [email protected]