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Julius Oni (Class of 2003)

Photo of Julius Oni "My name is Julius Oni (a.k.a. profjuli). I joined T.E.A.M. because I had once before been in a program similar to T.E.A.M. and the program created a lot of opportunities for me. I expected T.E.A.M. to do the same.

Having a mentor opened the door to all the great experiences I have had at Plattsburgh State. What else can I say? I love every second I spend with my mentor. The inspiration, the friendship, and the motivation that I get from my mentor are indescribable.

T.E.A.M. has definitely surpassed my expectations. T.E.A.M. is facilitated by CDPI, which also runs a film series that is thought provoking.

T.E.A.M. has done a lot to broaden every participant's view on every topic ranging from race to sexual orientation.

I definitely enjoyed the fall 2000 social gathering organized by CDPI for all mentors and mentees. Keep it up T.E.A.M!"

Kaidian Smith (Class of 2004)

Photo of Kaidian Smith "My name is Kaidian Smith, but my friends call me Kaidi and sometimes Jamaka.

In my spare time I like to read, listen to music, watch movies, hang out and meet new people as well as travel to new places and experience new things.

I joined T.E.A.M. because I have heard about other mentoring programs and how good they are and always wanted a mentor of my own. I received the information in the mail and at the time I was feeling overwhelmed by classes so I didn't respond immediately. Then my professor Dr. Moran asked if I would be his mentee. T.E.A.M. have taught me about the issues and cultures experienced by different races and how similar we all are, rather than different from each other.

The discussions we have in and out of meetings enlighten me to the ways of the world and the problems we choose to be naive about, in fear of opening old wounds. I have been able to properly appreciate how diverse my campus is and form long-life bonds with my fellow colleagues.

I believe T.E.A.M. is a good program to have on this campus. It allows us to have a better relationship not only with the students but also the faculty. I have gotten to know the faculty in more relaxed settings and I believe this program will be the beginning of many beautiful friendships and life-long connections that will make our college years a success in many ways.

My favorite T.E.A.M. event was our trip to Montreal. I learned a lot about one of the greatest horror filmmakers, Alfred Hitchcock and enjoyed a most extraordinary dinner at a diverse restaurant with my new family.

I meet with my mentor three times a week, twice as my professor in Leadership in Organization class. He is very interesting and always makes me feel relaxed when stress is knocking at my door. I feel comfortable with him and we talk on a wide variety of subjects. It is good to have someone to admire and to get advice from someone who is experienced.

This program is great and a great family to be apart of."

Lori McCaffrey (Class of 2004)

Photo of Lori McCaffrey "My name is Lori McCaffrey. I joined T.E.A.M. because it looked like an excellent opportunity to meet people and have fun while at the same time finding guidance. Unfortunately, it did not work out between my original mentor, and me but I was immediately paired up with another and we are now just getting together. Although the first try didn't work out well, I never felt slighted because everyone in the group has in one way or another been a mentor to me.

I have found that T.E.A.M. has opened my eyes to the world around me and, with that, the people in it. I was timid at first because I had to make the effort to step out and away from my safe boundaries, but after experiencing the new feeling, I would never go back.

My favorite T.E.A.M. events were the racial experience and the trip to Montreal. The racial experience was amazing! I had the chance to listen to other people, learn a thing or two, and voice my opinions.

After only being in T.E.A.M. for a few months, I have learned that racism is all around us and to move away from it we must leave behind our ignorance and fear. I think that everyone would be inspired and forever changed if they were a part of T.E.A.M.!"

Chimwemwe Chitsulo (Class of 2001)

Photo of Chimwemwe Chitsulo "The T.E.A.M experience has been the best all-round experience of my college career.

I joined T.E.A.M. because I thought it would be a good way to meet people, and I liked the idea of having a mentor around who would be able to offer me knowledgeable advice and guidance about any uncertainties I'd have concerning career choices.

Fortunately, my mentor also happened to be the professor of my most challenging course! This turned out to be very beneficial for me because it made me work that much harder in that course, so that I could face him with my 'chin up' when we'd meet as mentor and mentee.

However, the greatest thing about T.E.A.M. has been the people in it. Throughout the course of the past year we have seen each other make a transition to being at P.S.U., embrace new friendships, all come together as a family, and each be mentors to one another.

For me, all the T.E.A.M. events have been gatherings of my P.S.U. family to share food, ideas, experiences, and most importantly, build memories. The T.E.A.M. experience is definitely an experience that will last a lifetime."

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