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The Center for Diversity, Pluralism, & Inclusion (CDPI) proudly presents The Faculty Panel Discussion Series, a program highlighting scholarship and critical inquiry at Plattsburgh State.

Each semester, The Faculty Panel Discussion Series (FPDS) presents a oneo-hour program devoted to the exploration of a diversity-related topic led by a panel of faculty scholars. Each panelist presents for 5-7 minutes on the current topic from the perspective of her or his own scholarship, after which the program is opened up to a moderated discussion with the audience.

Check out our Calendar of Events for details on the faculty panel discussion series each semester.

What makes this event exciting and unique is the critical engagement of panelists and audience on topics of current interest on campus, in our community, and in the nation. The wide-ranging perspectives brought out by a diversified panel and audience participation provide those moments of edge that make out panel discussions lively, exciting and thought provoking.

Fall 2016

"..." Lives Matter

Date: Nov. 29
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Yokum 208

The Center for Diversity, Pluralism, and Inclusion would like to invite you to join us on Tuesday Evening (11/29) at 7pm in Yokum Hall, Room 208 for a Panel Discussion regarding the “Lives Matter” movements. These panelists include: Dr. Daniel Lake, Dr. Tracie Guzzio, Dr. J.W. Wiley, and Aaron Schwartz with Dr. Vincent Carey serving as the panel’s moderator.


Previous themes have included:

  • "GIRL: Gender Inequality in Real Life"
  • "Ground Zero, Zero Acceptance: Park 51 Community Center & Islamophobia"
  • "Mentality Matters: Mental Health in Literature & the Everyday"
  • "In Justice or Injustice: The U.S. Prison System"
  • "And Eco-Justice For All" Diversity, Community & Environment in a Global Society"
  • "In Whose Image? Gender & Sexuality in Pop Culture"
  • "America & the War on Terrorism"
  • "Music and Diversity: Hip-Hop, Be-Bop, Hard Rock, and Bach Music as Cultural Currency"
  • "Does God Embrace Diversity?"
  • "Social Invisibility and the Marginalized Experience"
  • "Perspectives on the Meaning of Peace"
  • "The "Culture of Fear""
  • "The "Other""
  • "What is the Problem of the 21st Century?"
  • "Are We Broke? The U.S.'s Multidimensional Debt Culture"


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If you have any questions about the Center for Diversity (CDPI), or are interested in learning more about promoting diversity at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

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