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Examining Diversity Through Film (INT 303)

Examining Diversity Through Film (INT 303) is an academic course that offers students new perspectives of social justice.

"This course taught me to challenge the meaning of life" - Alicia McNitt, student

Readings and film clips expose students to different facets of oppression including gender, ability/ableism, class, sexual orientation, race, and privilege. Students are pushed to engage the fact that at least one of these, if not multiple aspects, impacts each individual on a daily basis. They are then led to discover how we all have been socialized into believing these categories constitute a validated hierarchy within our society.

This course is designed to awaken students to a perception of life that they may be unaccustomed to engaging as well promoting diversity through mutual understanding. The impact of this class goes far beyond the end of the semester. Once one fully becomes aware of all of the different pieces associated with oppression in this nation, this course becomes a tool of interpretation, acceptance, and empathy in all of ones actions.

Student Testimonials

Read what some of our students say about what they learned from "Examining Diversity Through Film."

Course Materials


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Topics of Discussions, Readings, and Film Clips

Ability and Ableism

  • "The Disability Rights Movement" - Willie V. Bryan
  • "Ableism" - Rosie Castaneda and Madeline L. Peters
  • "Constructing Normalcy" - Leonard J. Davis
  • "Invisible and on Center Stage" - Susan E. Brown

Film clips include:

  • "Gattica"
  • "In the Company of Men"
  • Seinfeld - "The Handicapped Spot"

Race / Ethnicity

  • "Of Our Spiritual Strivings" - W.E.B. DuBois
  • "We Take Nothing by Conquest, Thank God" - Howard Zinn
  • "American Indians in Film" - Ward Churchill
  • "Fences Against Freedom" - Leslie Mormon Silko

Film clips include:

  • "Bicentennial Man"
  • "Rosewood"
  • "Snow Falling on Cedars"


  • "Do We Hate Our Women?" - Michael Eric Dyson
  • "Porn and Men's Consciousness" - Jackson Katz
  • "The Rape of Mr. Smith" - Anonymous
  • "Plantation Patriarchy" - Bell Hooks

Film clips include: 

  • "When Harry Met Sally"
  • "Closer"
  • "The Contender"

Sexual Orientation

  • "Masculinity as Homophobia" - Michael S. Kimmel
  • "The Conundrum of Difference" - Sandra Lipsitz Bem
  • "How Homophobia Hurts Everyone" - Warren J. Blumenfeld
  • "Homosexuality: The Nature and Harm Arguments" - John Corvino

Film clips include:

  • "Far From Heaven"
  • "Get On The Bus"
  • "Chasing Amy"


  • "The Content of Our Character" - Shelby Steele
  • "Land of Opportunity" - James Loewen
  • "The Socialist Challenge" - Howard Zinn
  • "Tired of Playing Monopoly?" - Donna Langston

Film clips include:

  • "Losing Isaiah"
  • "Indecent Proposal"
  • "Boiler Room"


  • "The Rage of the Privileged Class" - Ellis Cose
  • "White Privilege Shapes the U.S." - Robert Jensen
  • "Reflections of an Affirmative Action Baby" - Stephen L. Carter
  • "Reflections on Liberation" - Suzanne Pharr

Film clips include:

  • "Coffee and Cigarettes"
  • "Twelve Angry Men"
  • "Fahrenheit 9/11"

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