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What is Diversity Enlightenment?

Let's start by clarifying what it is not.

Diversity Enlightenment is not diversity training.

Diversity Training may be something accomplishable, but definitely not in a limited time period. Though you can enlighten someone in or through one significant moment that you share with them. However, we do believe our Diversity Enlightenment Sessions provide much more than a moment's enlightenment.

Puppets On Strings Are Not Responsible For Things

We approach diversity enlightenment in many ways:

  • Establishing the importance of the university and community as essential contributors to the success of diversity through methods of empowerment.
  • Challenging our participants to understand the impossibility of becoming leaders in a global society without a sophistication about diversity.
  • Utilizing thought experiments that attempt to demonstrate to the participants exactly where they are in terms of their knowledge and sophistication of diversity.
  • Recognizing that there is no more powerful tool for learning than conversation, we attempt to create an environment where honest interaction occurs on difficult subject matter.
  • Addressing and demystifying the notion of xenophobia
  • Learning from a three-pronged approach towards diversity enlightenment.
  • Discussions on controversial or uncomfortable aspects of diversity (i.e., race, sexual orientation, disability, class, gender, privilege, toleration, disenfranchisement, etc.)
  • Introducing new concepts, theories, and paradigms on diversity that effectively challenge conventional practices with invigorating new approaches.

Ultimately it is our hope that our participants will leave our diversity enlightenment sessions with the knowledge that they have the responsibility to assume leadership.

If you want to fully understand the meaning of this, then you will have to attend a session, won't you!

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