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Meet some of the students that have helped to make the Center for Diversity a special place.

Taylor Lagace

Photo of Taylor Lagace"Hi! My name is Taylor Lagace and I am a junior at SUNY Plattsburgh. I am majoring in Childhood/Special Education and intend on completing my graduate degree in 2019. I am from Greenville, NY. It is a very small town located a little south of Albany in the Catskills.

I joined the CDPI crew because it was a unique opportunity to help bring awareness to our local and campus community. It has been a great experience, as a future educator, to be able to work with students and faculty at SUNY Plattsburgh. Joining CDPI was one of the greatest decisions I have made throughout my time at college. I have found an incredible support system within the CDPI crew.

I became interested in CDPI when JW, Lauren, and Aaron came to speak at a Education lecture. Their energy radiated throughout the room and I knew that I wanted to be a part of the great legacy they are developing at SUNY Plattsburgh. Since the first encounter with the CDPI crew, I have taken several of JW's classes. I was a TA for Examining Diversity Through Film and I am currently an Intern. I enjoy being a mentor and ally for my peers and the local community. I am extremely grateful for the knowledge I have received throughout my time with CDPI because I am now able to help others around me, as well as my future students, understand that 'Beginning to think is beginning to be undermined' - Albert Camus."


Yesenia Reynoso

Photo of Yesenia Reynoso"I am currently a senior majoring in Public Relations. I have  taken and been a teaching assistant for almost all the classes offered by CDPI (Examining Diversity Through Film, African American Culture, and Romance, Sex, Love, and Marriage). My involvement with the CDPI crew  began three years ago in my sophomore year. I will continue as intern until I graduate in May 2017. I am a part of the Diversity Task Force, and also the president for the Organization for Women of Ethnicity."


Dave Young

Photo of Dave YoungHello, my name is Dave Young. I am a non-traditional student in the Communications Studies major here at SUNY Plattsburgh and I graduate in May 2017! I was born here in Plattsburgh but have traveled to many places in the United States. I am a Veteran. I am a father. I am a husband.

I chose to join the C.D.P.I. team because my point of view has forever been changed by the mentoring I received from this crew. My lens has changed and so has my life.

I was once told that knowledge + application = transformation. I am here to apply what I have learned because I want to help others transform their lives and tweak their lenses to see that diversity and social justice are not just something for the underrepresented or disenfranchised to work toward. In fact, those with privilege should use that privilege to change the system.


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